4 Digital Marketing Tips to Boost your e-Commerce Business

Last Updated:
September 2, 2021

Digital Marketing Tips to Boost your e-Commerce Business

Digital marketing can seem easy enough, you post on social media, and send out emails to your email list. However, simply going through the actions isn’t enough to generate conversions and sales. So, is your e-Commerce business struggling to convert visitors into paying customers? Or are you simply struggling to get traffic to your e-Commerce website? If so, it’s time for a digital marketing refresh. Follow these 4 tips to boost your e-Commerce business and start generating more sales.

1. Have a Clear CTA

Firstly, you must ensure that you have a clear and concise CTA or call-to-action. The CTA instructs the visitor to take a specific action, within the sales funnel. Asking for the sale is important to increase successful checkouts. Ensure that you only have one CTA per webpage, in a visible spot, with simple wording. Aim to use a few words as possible to get your message across. For example, Shop Now, Add to Cart, Checkout Now Shop Sale Items, or Sign Up. All of these examples give clear direction to the site visitor, combine these with dynamic images and you’ll have a winning combination.

2. Integrate Social Accounts with your Website

In the current digital age, having a social media presence is key to success, especially as most Americans now use social media daily. By utilizing social media, you can advertise your products in a less salesy manner, while building brand trust. You can also form relationships with your customers and share special details, like behind-the-scenes details and sneak peeks of new products. Now, to further utilize your social media as an e-Commerce tool, you should integrate your social media accounts. By integrating your Facebook and Instagram with your e-Commerce site, you can create a Facebook Store. This then allows customers to click on a product image on Facebook or Instagram and be taken to your e-Commerce store. This is a huge benefit, as users do not need to switch platforms to make a purchase, increasing conversion rates.

3. Optimize Email Marketing

Email is still an effective marketing tool, so you should ensure that you have an email list and newsletter that website visitors can sign up for. Once you have an email list set up, optimize it by having set emails ready to go. Firstly, you must have a welcome email, this will be automatically sent to new subscribers introducing them to your company and your marketing list. Many businesses encourage new signups by offering a discount code for their first order. To further optimize your email marketing, you should send regular emails and they should always contain a CTA. Nurture your email list by offering relevant content, for example, styling tips, or details about the design inspiration for new products. Customers love to see insight into a business, and by doing this you help to build a loyal relationship.

4. Personalize the Experience

Creating a personalized experience for your customers can make all the difference in your sales. Now, you can start off by using your customer’s name in the title of email marketing campaigns. Additionally, you can set up email segmentation so customers get emails based on their previous purchases and actions. You can further personalize marketing by offering special deals on their birthday via a code or a free gift with purchase during their birthday month. While they browsing your website, however, you can easily personalize the experience by suggesting similar products. Also, consider advertising which products other customers have purchased with that item. By doing this, each visitor to your e-Commerce store gets a unique sales experience and keeps them engaged.

By implementing the above techniques, you can easily boost your e-Commerce business while building relationships with your customers. Having a successful business is so dependant on your customers, so focus on giving them the best possible shopping experience. If customers are happy with the shopping experience and your products, you will easily build a loyal base of customers waiting for your next product launch.

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