5 Best Rank Tracker Tools to Check Your Search Engine Rankings

Last Updated:
January 20, 2022

Rank Tracker Tools

So, you are creating great content that includes your keywords, but you aren’t sure if it is working. Luckily, there are many rank tracker tools, you can use to check your search engine rankings. This allows you to not only see how your content is performing but also gives you insight into what you need to improve. Below are some of the best rank tracker tools in no particular order to help you optimize your SEO and rank better.

1. Semrush

This rank tracking tool is possibly the most well-known in the marketing world for optimizing your website. In fact, Semrush has over 7 million users and offers much more than just basic rank tracking. Some of the additional features include a domain analysis, link building tools, backlink analysis, advertising tracking, and site auditing. Within the rank tracking features, you also gain access to keyword research features, which helps you to optimize your content further. Semrush can tell you which of your keywords are ranking best and offers suggestions for additional keywords you could use to increase rankings. For the classic rank tracking tool, Semrush allows you to set up reports detailing how your keywords are performing. You can even add additional parameters like rankings within a certain country. Within the same rank tracking tool, you can also examine how your competitors are performing on the same keywords. The detailed features within the simple Semrush platform make rank tracking easy, even for those new to marketing.

2. Moz Pro

The Moz Pro rank tracking tool fetches data and stores it so you can easily access your ranking at any point. By using this tool, you can set up reports to run automatically, including both you and your competitors' rankings for various keywords. This saves you a significant amount of time as you do not need to manually search each time. Moz Pro also offers historical data, which allows you to track and compare your performance throughout the year, and compared to last year. This feature is especially helpful to determine any search patterns through the year. You can also check both local and global search ranking results using Moz Pro, or even by specific country. Finally, Moz Pro allows you to compare search engine ranking son mobile devices vs desktop devices. With many internet users now accessing websites and information from their phone, this data can be extremely helpful for marketers.

3. Authority Labs

The Authority Labs rank tracking tool is one of the simplest tools to use. Simply enter your keyword, domain name, search engine, and location to see your ranking results. Once you have set up your search, Authority Labs will send you daily updates for your requested keywords. Each daily report will show the average rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! For all current keys, compared to the previous day. There is also an option to see the previous 30 days of data within the report. Simply select a specific keyword to see the detail analysis for it. As an added bonus, for those working with various clients, Authority Labs offers a white label service, allowing you to brand the reports and have them come from your email address.

4. SerpStat

The SerpStat is an all-in-one tool that allows you to check and analyze your keyword ranking, and track your advertising campaigns. One of the best parts of using Serpstat is the ability to automate your search engine optimization process, thus saving you hours each month. The main features of Serpstat include rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, site auditing, and competitor research and analysis. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to track everything you need to in one place. Each feature has a current and historical view, allowing you to see how your website is performing at any point in time. The unique Serpstat algorithm analyses search engine results and save the data of the top 100 domains for each of your keywords. This allows you to see exactly who your competitors are and work on outranking them on various keywords.

5. Wincher Rank Tracker

The Wincher rank tracking tool gives marketers the ability to track individual keywords with ease. The dashboard feature helps to give you an accurate and clear picture of how your website ranking is. This includes showing the traffic, changes in position, top pages, and how many number one positions your pages have. Along with tracking your top keywords, you can also track your competitors to see how and what they are ranking best for. The keyword tool also offers suggestions for additional keywords you should consider using based on your focus keywords. Users can also choose to view their rankings in ascending order. This allows you to clearly see which pages aren’t currently ranking so you can improve them.

Focusing on how your website ranks for various keywords can help boost your website traffic. After all, studies show that over 70% of people will not search beyond the first page of search engine results. However, note that even the rank tracker tools above are not 100% accurate and rankings may vary sometimes. That is why it is crucial to use the other features of these tools to optimize your website further and continue to boost your business brand and rankings.

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