5 Important Things to Look for Whenever You Buy Bitcoin in Istanbul

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April 26, 2023
Kay Nicole

5 Important Things to Look for Whenever You Buy Bitcoin in Istanbul

Recently, numerous scamming incidents involving various exchanges have been reported. However, since opening, physical cryptocurrency exchange offices like NakitCoins and Bitcoin ATMs have not been involved in these scams. Some centralized, decentralized, and hybrid exchanges, however, have reported a number of incidents where users' data and cryptocurrency were stolen. A failure to pay attention to the most important aspects of crypto exchanges has been found to be the core cause of the majority of them. This article has been written to arm you in advance of your next step in deciding to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul because of this. In this article, you will discover the important things to look out for whenever you want to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul.

What Are the Most Important Things to Look for Whenever You Buy Bitcoin in Istanbul?

The bullet points below analyze the main aspects to be aware of anytime you wish to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul. Let's look at them now.

  1. Security when you buy Bitcoin in Istanbul

The security of any cryptocurrency exchange you wish to use to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul is the first and most crucial thing to evaluate. While there are several cryptocurrency exchanges operating in Istanbul, they are of different types. These include centralized (CEX), decentralized (DEX), and hybrid (HEX) exchanges. Additionally, Bitcoin ATMs and physical cryptocurrency exchange offices are popular. Their level of security differs as a result of the fact that they are owned by various companies with different practices and priorities. In order to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul, you must make sure the exchange you choose is very secure. You can research reviews of the exchanges and read any information the exchanges provide about their security. Importantly, you do not have to worry about the security of your own devices when you use a physical exchange or Bitcoin ATM.

  1. Payment procedures

The cryptocurrency exchanges in Istanbul are compatible with a variety of payment options. This is why it is important to be knowledgeable about the different payment options that the exchange you wish to use accepts. Some exchanges only accept one type of payment, as is the case with NakitCoins, while others offer a variety of payment options. Those that only accept cash as payment do so almost always in the form of fiat currency. Because of this, be sure to verify the payment methods accepted by the exchange where you plan to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul.

  1. Regional restrictions and regulations

The performance and effectiveness of several cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey are impacted by Turkish government rules and prohibitions on cryptocurrencies. For this reason, be sure to examine the local restrictions and laws that apply if you intend to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul from any exchange.

  1. Reputation

You should look into an exchange's reputation very carefully. In Istanbul, there are numerous exchanges in operation. It is vital that you research their reputation and legal status before using them for this reason. The cause is that dealing with a phony exchange puts your crypto assets and perhaps your money in danger. Make sure you thoroughly investigate them in order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Asking friends for advice and conducting online research are two ways to accomplish this.

  1. Requirements for verification

When it comes to verification requirements involving activation with your email, you need to be attentive. The reason is that it is one of the methods con artists employ to access your financial accounts. As a result, make sure the verification processes you must complete adhere to AML regulations. Use them only as directed. To confirm, do some web research.


You now know the five essential characteristics to look for in a crypto exchange when you want to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul. Keep in mind that transaction fees and deposit and withdrawal limitations are secondary. Pay close attention to the specifics covered in this article for this reason.

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