5 Screenshot Tools for Mac You Should Know About

Last Updated:
July 26, 2022

Screenshot Tools for Mac

Looking to share still images from a YouTube video, social media platform, or website? Perhaps you also want to quickly add notes and send them to someone else or save them for later. Below are some screenshot tools for Mac users that you should know about.


The Clip2net tool allows you to easily and quickly capture images. It also allows you to store and share screenshots instantly. Users can also access and use it while on a Skype call and mark it up to then share with others on the call. The simple image editor allows you to add simple text, various shapes, highlight, or blur selections.

2. Usersnap

Usersnap offers user, website, and customer feedback services alongside screenshot and screen recording capabilities. With this tool, users can instantly collect visual feedback from users and customers, and integrate it into other programs. Users can enable browser screenshots with annotation or voice tools to screen share to other users. This is a great feature for troubleshooting issues visually.

3. VideoSolo Screen Recorder

This screenshot tool is perfect for screencasting. Its strength is in the ability to record computer screens, audio, and webcams. Additionally, users can click the snapshot button to take screenshots at any time. Before you save the image, a basic editing screen pops up to allow you to annotate the image and save it. Users can also pin the image to their screen, for reference or further annotation. Finally, you can set up hotkeys allowing you to capture screenshots even while running other programs.

4. Jing & Snagit

These screenshot tools for Mac are part of the TechSmith software company. Jing allows you to take and share screenshots quickly and easily. Users can set the Jing app to upload screenshot images and videos to their preferred destination, for easy reference. Finally, Jing offers basic annotation capabilities to add notes or shapes to the screenshots.

Users can use Snagit to capture still images and frames from a video, or your screen as you work. It also has a basic editing tool to add effects and annotations. The Snagit app also stores the images by date and alphabetical order for easy organization and reference.

5. Scribe

This screenshot tool is great for when you need images for step-by-step instructions. Scribe can capture a workflow as you do it, then converts the clicks and keystrokes into screenshots and written steps. These guides can then be edited to add extra information, or remove steps. This is then shareable as a link or file.

Screenshot tools for Mac are great to help you instantly capture moments, and information, or to help troubleshoot issues. Better yet, the tools above help you to keep your screenshot files organized through their cloud, or file-saving capabilities. However, it is always recommended that you regularly clear out unnecessary files to keep things running smoothly. Or, consider investing in extra storage in the cloud or an external hard drive.

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