7 Best eCommerce Dropshipping Suppliers to Work With in 2022

Last Updated:
May 31, 2022

eCommerce Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshipping has become a popular option for many eCommerce businesses. However, finding good dropshipping suppliers can be difficult. Supplier directories are often the best way to search for suppliers, but you still need to research each one independently. Below are some of the best dropshipping suppliers to work with, and what they offer.

1. AliExpress

AliExpress is most likely the most well-known eCommerce dropshipping supplier. They offer international wholesale products and international dropshipping services. Shop owners can find almost anything on AliExpress, with suppliers offering a wide variety of products. Most merchants on the platform are based in China, so shipping can take several weeks. Users can ship to over 250 countries worldwide, with the option of standard or premium shipping. Users can also find long-term vendors and build relationships with suppliers to create custom products.

2. Oberlo

With Oberlo, you can easily import products from the platform directly onto your website. Once imported, you can customize the listing and begin selling immediately. Oberlo will automatically track the inventory and pricing updates for you, and even has tools for wholesale orders. Users and eCommerce shoppers get access to real-time tracking for any orders. Better yet, Oberlo has an app that works seamlessly with Shopify, making your eCommerce dropshipping store run smoothly. Oberlo has warehouses in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, China, and the UK. As products are kept in various locations, shipping can greatly vary for each product. While Oberlo offers a wide variety of products, the most popular are t-shirts, office supplies, electronics, toys, and home décor products.

3. Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is one of the oldest dropshipping supplier platforms, established in 1999. All of the suppliers on this platform must meet strict guidelines, so you can guarantee the level of service and quality. The detailed vendor directory makes it easy to find specific products and related items worldwide. Each supplier will list their location and potential shipping times, alongside the products they stock. With over 16 million products, you are sure to find a legitimate supplier for your niche.

4. Doba

The Doba dropshipping supplier platform is smaller than others on this list with only 165 suppliers. However, Doba integrates directly with the suppliers, allowing you to order from various suppliers in one transaction. This helps to cut down on processing fees and shipping. Doba does have a $60 monthly fee, but businesses get the advantage of direct connections with suppliers and convenience. With less suppliers, the supplier criteria is strict, giving you access to the best products at a great price.

5. Wholesale2b

The Wholesale2b platform offers shipping throughout the US and Canada for a wide variety of products. Most suppliers are also located in the US or Canada, ensuring quick shipping times for your customers. Suppliers must meet specific criteria and guarantee their prices to sell on the platform. Each supplier has a shipping time rating, giving you an idea of turnaround times. Membership is required at $29.99 per month, but for local products and shipping, this cost is worth it.

6. Modalyst

The Modalyst is an automated dropshipping app for eCommerce stores looking to offer higher-end products. Some common brands include Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and DSquare. Store owners can test the platform by importing up to 25 items for free, before becoming a paying member. You are able to search for suppliers based on product type, location, shipping time, pricing, and more. The extensive search feature makes finding niche, quality suppliers stress-free.


CROV is a network of US-based warehouses, stocking millions of products from a variety of industries. They ship to over 40 countries, with pricing varying per destination. With warehouses across the US, CROV ships domestic orders faster than most dropshipping companies. All suppliers are verified, lessening the risk of bad products, or fulfillment issues. Additionally, members can talk directly with the sourcing team to find the best supplier for their product needs.

Whether you are a seasoned dropshipper, or new to the idea, having a secure network of suppliers can help. The platforms above are all genuine, reliable, and affordable. However, ensure you do your research to see which of these eCommerce dropshipping suppliers you can work with for your business niche.

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