7 Important Workplace Health and Safety Considerations for Employers

Last Updated:
December 10, 2022
Kay Nicole

Important Workplace Health and Safety Considerations for Employers

No matter which industry you work in, workplaces have some hidden (and not so hidden) hazards that can endanger your employees’ health, safety, and happiness. Do you know which safety concerns we’re talking about?

If not, it’s time to prioritize workplace safety in your company and ensure everyone is working in a safe and productive environment. Here are a few steps you can take to make your workplace safer for all:

Determine the risks

Before you start making any changes around the workplace or enforcing any rules, it’s crucial to examine the workplace and analyze the hazards. In bakeries, bakers can inhale flour dust and suffer from breathing issues. In warehouses, workers can lift too many heavy things and trigger a strain.

Every workplace has specific injury risks that need to be especially addressed, including the importance of having access to reliable physio services. All companies can suffer from slips, trips, bumps, cuts, falls, and fire issues, regardless of the industry. All companies can suffer from slips, trips, bumps, cuts, falls, and fire issues, regardless of the industry. When you know all the hazards that can injure your staff, it’s much easier to start controlling them.

Invest in training

Prevention is the best way to eliminate workplace injury and boost the health of your employees. All safety training sessions need to be completed by all employees for their respective positions. If you make training accessible and clear, it can help minimize injuries and improve workplace safety, health and happiness. With training, employees will certainly adopt useful outlines and techniques they can use during their workday to make work easier.

Provide proper safety equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary for safety at any company, especially in construction, chemical work, warehouses, and the food industry. PPE ranges from site safety gear such as boots, gloves, hard hats, safety goggles, face masks, and harnesses, to some protective gear that keeps workers safe from less conspicuous hazards. Make sure all workers wear the safety equipment you provided no matter the circumstances.

Keep things clean and tidy

It’s crucial to conduct regular safety audits and assess risks at your company according to occupational health standards. If you want to know what is occupational health and safety standards and how they can help your employees, make sure to check online and read all the useful FAQ on processes to help improve workplace safety.

Some potential dangers in offices are tangled cords, messy floors, misplaced tools, etc. Any sort of mess can lead to trips, slips and falls, which are unnecessary accidents. Encourage clean workplace practices and teach all workers the value of a clutter-free environment.


Use labels and signs

If you have any important considerations that workers and visitors need to keep in mind at all times, labels and signs are the best way to convey information. Signs and labels can be custom-made to showcase protocols, hazards, and proper procedures in case of emergency.

Even the most experienced workers might sometimes need to turn to these signs, check the procedures, and ensure everyone reacts to the hazard appropriately. And if your company often welcomes new workers or visitors, they will always benefit from your signage.

Encourage breaks

Many of our workers are often overworked, sleepy, and tired, so taking a break is a must for all. Ensure that breaks are mandatory for all workers so they can stretch their legs and backs, get some fresh air, grab something to eat, and have a glass of water.

Breaks allow workers to refresh their minds and body, thus being more focused on work and less prone to mistakes that can end in injuries. Injuries can also happen due to too much sitting, so changing position is a great way to give the neck, spine, hips, and legs some time to recover.

Introduce rewards for good behavior

Unfortunately, we live in a world that glorifies unsafe work practices. This can include avoiding breaks, being too eager to prove yourself, or covering for your colleagues’ unsafe practices. An easy way to encourage workers to be more responsible for workplace safety is to introduce an award system. Employees who follow the safety protocols and point out hazards and mistakes can benefit from small rewards. It’s not necessary to be a snitch and put someone else in trouble.

Since workers are the ones exposed to dangers, there are no better people to prevent dangers than employees themselves. This practice will cost your company minimal expenses yet ensure employee safety and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Workplace safety is something that every employer needs to keep in mind every day. It doesn’t only ensure worker safety, health, and happiness, but also affects efficiency. With small investments in worker safety, companies can save a lot of money and retain all the best talents.

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