​​Basecamp vs Monday and Asana for Team Project Management Software: Who Wins?

Last Updated:
March 1, 2022

​​Basecamp vs Monday

For most businesses, project management software is crucial for planning and staying on task. These products make work projects predictable, and they also help to improve productivity. However, it can be challenging to select the right project management software for your business needs. With so many products on the market, it is crucial to assess each one carefully before choosing one. Below we look at Basecamp vs Monday vs Asana to see which project management solution could suit your business needs.

Basecamp vs Monday vs Asana Key Features

When selecting a project management tool for your business, you must ensure that it handles the tasks you need it to. Ensure you make a list of your required features before starting your search. After all, if you collaboration tools, but the software doesn’t offer it, it won’t be very useful to you.


Some of the key features of Basecamp include;

  • Calendar management
  • Internal Chat features
  • Email Integration
  • Task Scheduling
  • File Sharing


Some of the key features of Monday include;

  • Workflow Monitoring
  • Time Tracking
  • Team Collaboration
  • Email Integration
  • Sales Pipelines


Some of the key features of Asana include;

  • Task Scheduling
  • Internal Chat
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Timer Integration
  • Google Drive Integration
  • File Sharing

Pricing Plans

The cost of software is a huge consideration for most businesses, especially smaller businesses looking to grow. Below are more details about the pricing and plans of Basecamp vs Monday vs Asana so you can see what you get for your money.

Pricing and Plans for Basecamp

Basecamp has two different plans, one paid and one free. There is a 30 day free trial for the paid version, and discounts are available for non-profits. Additionally, by purchasing an annual membership you can save 15%.

  • Basecamp Personal is free. This free plan is great for freelancers, small businesses, and students. Projects are limited to 3 per account, with a maximum of 20 users. Storage space is also limited to 1GB.
  • Basecamp Business is $99 USD a month. This plan includes all features, unlimited projects and unlimited users. There are no additional fees, and 500GB of storage space. With Basecamp Business, you can set up a company HQ space and invite clients and contractors to view specific projects or tasks.

Pricing and Plans for Monday

Monday offers a variety of plans for individuals and businesses of all sizes. However, the free plan is only available for individuals and is not suitable for most businesses. All other plans vary depending on the size of your team.

  • Individual, this plan is free forever and allows up to 2 users. Users get access to unlimited project boards and unlimited documents. There are also over 200 templates and various column types for workflows.
  • Basic, this plan starts at $8 USD per user, per month. Users have access to all individual features, along with 5GB of file storage and prioritized customer service. Users can also create unlimited items and share projects in a view-only capacity.
  • Standard, this plan starts at $10 USD per user, per month. Users get access to all basic features and timeline views. They can also access a calendar view, and allow guest access for presentations or collaboration. Users can also set up to 250 automation processes and integrations per month. The dashboard can also include up to 5 different project boards.
  • Pro, this plan starts at $16 USD per user, per month. Users get access to all previous features and extra column types for workflows. Integration and automation tasks increase to a maximum of 25,000 per month. Finally, dashboards can combine up to 10 project boards.

Monday also offers an Enterprise plan, with pricing depending on features and users required. These accounts have access to all features and allow settings and restrictions for various team members.

Pricing and Plans for Asana

Asana offers four different plans, one of which is free but limited. Nonprofit businesses can get a 50% discount on any paid plan.

  • The Basic plan is free forever and allows up to 15 users. Users can create unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, and store unlimited files at 100MB per file. Each user can choose how to view their dashboard and project lists, either by list, calendar, or project view. Integration with applications is free and users can assign other users to tasks and set a due date.
  • The Premium plan starts at $10.99 USD per user, per month. Users get access to all basic features and a timeline view. There is also a new workflow builder, project reporting tools, advanced search tools, and project rules. Users can invite guests to view and collaborate on projects, and pre-plan projects with start dates.
  • The Business plan starts at $24.99 USD per user, per month. Users have access to all Premium features plus, access to a custom rule builder, portfolio tool, and form customizations. There are also approval and proofing tools to further streamline the project process. The Business plan also allows integration with Salesforce, Adobe Cloud, Tableau, and Power BI.

Finally, Asana offers an Enterprise plan, with further security and control. Pricing varies depending on the number of users and business needs. Users gain access to all features above, with custom branding and priority support services. There are also more export and deletion options along with attachment controls and user provisioning.

Final Considerations

All of the options above are SSL secured cloud platforms and are designed to make collaboration easier for business. These project management tools all keep conversations and tasks in one place, allowing communication and transparency between team members. This is becoming more important for businesses as some users work from home, while others are still in the office. All of the options above have high customer satisfaction rates of 80% plus and have great customer service for those on paid plans.

So out of Basecamp vs Monday vs Asana, which wins for project management software?

As Basecamp, Monday, and Asana all offer similar features, businesses should ensure they check which integrates best with current company software. Also, ensure that whichever project management software you choose can grow with your business needs. Otherwise, these three project management systems are very similar, and it may just depend on which interface your business likes best. As for me, I’m an Asana user and I love it.

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