Best Office Fitness Challenge Apps

Last Updated:
March 16, 2022

Office Fitness Challenge Apps

Healthy competition is great for helping employees stay motivated, and also helps to boost morale in the office. As such, many workplaces opt to hold regular or annual fitness challenges. The aim of these office fitness challenges is to encourage employees to stay healthy and motivated. Not all employees will choose to participate, however, for those who do, you need a way to track progress. This is where fitness challenge apps can help workplaces manage and track the challenge. These apps also allow all employees to participate, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Here are just a few of the best office fitness challenge apps your workplace should consider.

Map My Run

The Map My Run app first started out by offering exactly that, a way to track where and how far you ran. However, this app now does so much more. Users are able to track almost any workout – from swimming to cycling. There are even options for weight lifting, tennis, and yoga. However, the best feature of this app is that it doesn’t focus on users' weight at all. Simply set a team challenge, or several team challenges and employees can then join whichever ones they want. Some of the most popular challenges are the most daily steps, furthest distance, or most workouts. There is even an option for the furthest monthly distance.

My Virtual Mission

This app aims to encourage teamwork along with boosting health and fitness. Each challenge is based on the distance between any two points around the globe. However, the route offers a virtual pathway between the two points. Every user can see how far they have progressed each day. Users can run, cycle, walk or swim to add miles to the journey. Throughout the journey, can see live weather updates for the real-life location of where they are on the route. Users can also opt to virtually explore various locations along the route.


This office fitness challenge app aims to increase employees' daily steps. Every employee that opts in will show on the leaderboard. The leaderboard will track the total steps throughout the entire challenge, with the winner being the most steps throughout the challenge length. However, there is also the option to create a streak challenge. With this, users will get points for every consecutive day they hit the minimum step count. By focusing on steps over distance and weight, the Stridekick app can help employees build better habits while competing. The downside of this app is that challenges can only be a maximum of 30 days, and there is a limit of 10 users.


Created by the same company as Stridekick, MoveSpring offers longer challenges and more challenges types. Additionally, you can have any number of users, but the price will increase with every 10 users. The best part of the MoveSpring app is the interactive, game map challenge. In this challenge, users unlock fun milestones and surprises as they progress through. This is a great way to motivate employees and add a fun boardgame like element to the challenge. Users can see where others are on the map, and try to pass them.

The above office fitness challenge apps are all aimed at improving health and fitness over losing weight. This makes the fitness challenges more appealing to your employees and allows for anyone to participate. Additionally, all of the apps have chat features so employees can communicate and encourage each other throughout. To increase participation, you could even consider adding a monetary or physical prize for the winner, or even for everyone that completes the challenge.

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