Best Remote Work Job Boards for Companies

Last Updated:
May 5, 2022

Best Remote Work Job Boards for Companies

Work from home, and remote work positions are becoming more sought after each year. Partly due to the pandemic, and ongoing effects and partially due to the flexibility remote work brings. In fact, one study shows that 97% of office workers would like to work remotely at least some of the time. Companies can take advantage of this and utilize remote job boards to find employees to work from home. Below are some posting tips and the best remote work job boards for companies to consider.

Creating Your Company Profile

Finding the right remote employee isn’t always easy, as there can be an overwhelming amount of job postings. However, you can ensure your company profile is complete and contains all the information potential employees would need to know. Consider adding a Q&A section where you answer the most commonly asked questions about remote work and your company culture. This will help potential applicants review your business before applying for the role. Many job boards also allow users to leave reviews about the company, so encourage current employees to rate and review.

Where to Post Your Job Listing?

Posting remote work job listings is much easier on remote work websites. This ensures everyone applying understands that the job is a remote position. Below are some of the best remote work job boards for companies to post on.

This remote work job board allows companies to create an easy-to-view profile and clear, concise job postings. Many newer remote workers use due to the user-friendly interface, thus, it is a great job board to hire for entry-level positions. Companies can also answer frequently asked questions publicly, which can cut down confusion in the hiring process.

Remote Tech Jobs

This is a great job board, with a focus on tech-related jobs. On Remote Tech Jobs companies can choose various categories for each job they list. Categories include; design, digital marketing, customer support, database admin, testing, and more. This can make it much easier for qualified applicants to find your job listing. Potential employees can also search by company, keywords and specific job titles so ensure you optimize your job position listing.

We Work Remotely

Companies can register themselves on the We Work Remotely job board. Once registered, companies can advertise jobs, and fill out a detailed company profile. We Work Remotely offers candidate filtering and cross-posting to Google Jobs, SitePoint, and other job sites.


The majority of job seekers on Remotive are looking to work for a startup or small company. This site is great for companies looking to hire long-term permanent employees, from anywhere. Ensure you check off that your company is actively hiring to get the most out of your job listing when you post.


As a company, LinkedIn is a great networking site. Therefore, it only makes sense to advertise job positions on the platform. Many of the people following your company may be interested in working for you, and employees can easily share job postings with their connections as well. Ensure you optimize your company's LinkedIn profile and the job listing to get better responses.

Finding the right employees can be a challenging task, especially in the modern era. However, advertising on the right platforms can make the hiring process faster and stress-free. So, use the remote work job boards for companies recommended above to start your employee search and build a productive remote team.

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