Best TikTok Video Transition Tips

Last Updated:
June 27, 2023

Best TikTok Video Transition Tips

TikTok runs on creativity, so creators on the platform are always looking for new ways to stand out. One of the best ways to create amazing videos is by focusing on your video transitions. Below are some of the best TikTok video transition tips to help you create better content and build your brand.

General Video Tips

Before we look at the video transition tips, make sure you are following these guidelines when creating TikTok content.

Simple is best

Don’t overcomplicate things, TikTok videos should be short and straight to the point. Aim for 30-45 seconds. This is the “sweet spot” of the users watching length of interest.

Use vertical video

TikTok is primarily viewed on mobile devices, in a vertical format. Therefore, make sure everything you film is vertical, not horizontal.

Pay attention to the lighting

You don’t need a professional lighting setup to create TikTok content. However, filming in good natural light, or using a nice lamp allows viewers to clearly see what’s happening.

Use effects and text

There are hundreds of different effects and text options on TikTok. Use these to your advantage to create eye-catching content that the algorithm likes.  Be sure to add sub-titles (Tiktok makes it easy with the touch of a button) so that viewers could listen or just read your video text.

Have fun

Videos on TikTok should be enjoyable to watch, so try to have fun making them. The more genuine you can be, the more your audience will enjoy it.

TikTok Video Transitions

Flying Objects

This fun video transition uses objects that you (or the subject in the video) throw at the camera. Similar to the classic hand transition, this is a fun way to drastically change locations, clothing, or items on the screen. Some fun ideas include throwing flower petals, water (make sure your camera is in a waterproof case), or glitter.

360 Spin Video

This transition requires rotating your phone 360 degrees, using a counter or foreground object to break up the scene. The effect of this is that the original scene changes by the time the camera is back in its starting position. This is especially popular for cooking and makeup videos.

Instant Change

Changing your clothing instantly is a fun video transition. All you need to do it record yourself doing the same dance or movement, in the same spot in each outfit. Then cut and paste the clips together to create a seamless transition. This can take a little while, especially the first few times. However, the results are well worth the time. TikTok’s overlay feature can be especially beneficial to help you get the transition as smooth as possible.

Camera Drop

This technique is especially fun for collaboration videos. You simply film your clip, then drop or move the camera behind a foreground object. Then, film the next clip the same way but when you edit them together, play the second clip in reverse. This creates the illusion that the camera is bouncing back up. Just note that this transition works best with a voiceover or music effect.

Sudden Reveal

This technique makes it look like items are instantly changing. It is similar to the Instant Change technique above, however, it focuses solely on a single item. Once again you will film the same clip multiple times, using different items. Then you clip them together to create a seamless transition and instant reveal.

These are just some of the best TikTok video transitions you should try incorporating into your content creation. Utilize the transitions that work best for your product and add your own brand style to it. Remember, the idea is to create fun, engaging, and entertaining content for your audience.

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