Boosting Business with The Power of Quality Surveys

Last Updated:
October 22, 2023
Brian Wallace

Quantitative surveys have been found to be one of the best ways to unlock game-changing insights for companies, investors, and consultants alike. Especially now in the digital age, when so much is done online, data is much more accessible when using the correct tools. In order to design an effective survey, creators must plan, author, publish, and analyze effectively. After properly following these steps, meaningful results can then be used to further goals and company objectives.


Once the purpose and scope of the survey is identified, creators may start to look at what types of questions to ask their participants. Some types to avoid may be leading questions or questions that require or prompt more than one answer. The rule of thumb is that less is always more, and being concise goes a long way. Once the survey is finalized, it is time to push it out to the target audience. This may involve a testing phase, the actual launch itself, or even some early analysis of data. Following the launch, the reporting of the data collected is very important. Charts and tables help to communicate findings to people both familiar and unfamiliar with the company or industry in question.

There are several different ways to execute a survey, as well as several different sites or services that aid companies in doing so. Regardless of the level of aid one may need to gather this data, the benefits that it can have for a company and its stakeholders are abundant. See more about how your business can benefit from quality surveys in the infographic below:

Design Surveys to Make Better Business Decisions

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