Brand Consistency: Success of the Modern Businesses

Last Updated:
March 12, 2024
Brian Wallace

In the digital age, we see companies and brands like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon truly take off in popularity. The secret behind much of this success is two key aspects of modern marketing: Consistency and personalization. Only one-third of businesses enforce these brand guidelines today, however, the benefits are endless when implemented to the fullest extent.


What is Brand Consistency?

Brand consistency refers to maintaining a single image, message, and grouping of values across all business channels. Consumers are more likely to buy into a product or service if they can resonate with the brand image and the way it is marketed. In fact, studies show that 76% of consumers report wanting consistent interactions with brands. Not only does this strategy help with increasing the frequency of brand relevance in the digital space, but it also helps to create brand loyalty and affinity. Studies also show that over 85% of companies that used these strategies grew their revenue.


Hyper-personalization is another strategy that many modern businesses use to get a leg up. This strategy involves AI and complex algorithms to collect and utilize different user data. This data is then used to suggest products, services, and recommendations on different platforms, shaped by the users’ history on that platform and their interests. This personalization makes the consumer feel more valued, understood, and can help to target ads to the correct audience. Experts have found that a shocking 90% of consumers find personalized advertisements appealing.



Some of the world’s biggest brands are living success stories of using these strategies. Across industries and mediums, personalization and consistency are helping brands to increase their reach and strengthen their customer base. The next step in keeping up with the quickly-evolving world of modern marketing is to buy into these methods and see the benefits first-hand.

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