The Growing Business of Energy Drinks

Last Updated:
April 18, 2022
Brian Wallace

Did you know that North Americans consume more energy drinks than any other region? 2 in 3 of these consumers are males between ages 13 and 35. These young consumers are attracted to energy drinks’ claims that they improve performance, endurance, and alertness. Consumers often also perceive energy drinks to be a healthy alternative to popular sugar loaded sodas. While energy drinks may be most popular in North America, less than half of U.S consumers actually use energy drinks. In fact, sales have actually been dropping recently due to less demand for popular energy shots and drinks. So how is the market still flourishing?


Well, energy drink loyal customers are single handedly keeping the market up. Many people who don’t drink energy drinks and prefer drinking water say they are too sugary, too artificial, and have an overall bad taste. Energy drink producers have taken this feedback and have started to make significant changes to their products in order for them to be more appealing to the general public. Some of these changes include using more plant-based energy ingredients, using a broader range of exotic flavors, and focusing on overall better quality ingredients.


These changes in energy drinks are expected to appeal more to consumers and should lead to a serious boost in sales. Energy drink sales have decreased recently in popularity, with sales dropping over $100 million in the last year. In making changes that correlate directly to popular complaints regarding energy drinks, the market is expected to rise again and become as profitable as it has been in the past. 

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