Cannabis Jobs: A Growing Industry

Last Updated:
February 13, 2022
Brian Wallace

A booming business, the legal cannabis market offers a promising job market. Cannabis jobs outpaced numbers in long-established industries in 2020, adding more jobs than electrical engineering, EMTs and medics, nursing, and web developers. As many as 600,000 employees will be hired in the U.S. legal marijuana industry by 2025, as despite the global Coronavirus pandemic, the trade continues to flourish. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date - let’s explore cannabis jobs below.


The legalization of cannabis will undoubtedly continue in expansion, with 1 in 3 living in states where cannabis has been legalized. 77,300 full-time jobs were created in the legal cannabis industry in 2020 alone with 26,000 being added in newly legalized states. With the rapid expansion of the industry comes higher demand for advancement, giving entry-level employees an acceleration to higher-up positions.


Price ranges largely vary within the industry, as with any. Some higher-paid, upper-level jobs, include master grower, edibles chef, master extractor, and quality control while lower-salary, entry-level positions, include budtender, marijuana courier, extraction technician, and trimmer/harvester among other jobs. The need for professionals to apply their expertise in the new industry creates a call for accountants, lawyers, web and software developers, marketing, human resources, and IT among other careers. Restaurant and retail workers who have transitioned into working in cannabis report finding ‘more supportive and welcoming workplaces’, as the industry tops off the call for workers with a warm welcome.


You can pursue a job in the budding industry by researching employment opportunities, enriching your knowledge regarding cannabis, get a cannabis license (if necessitated by your state), and approaching positions with professionalism. Grow your career in an industry that’s thriving and a job market that’s growing exponentially.

The Cannabis Job Market

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