Cloud Monitoring Services: Is It Worth The Switch?

Last Updated:
May 3, 2023
Brian Wallace

In this advanced age, you would be hard-pressed to find a business not using the cloud – in fact, only 6% aren’t. Around half of businesses store their most sensitive data on the cloud and nearly all cloud-integrated businesses utilize multiple cloud systems. Yet, rising cloud usage also introduces new vulnerabilities and hindrances, some of which are seemingly amplified in the virtual format.

Migrating physical items online is not a one-to-one translation, far from it. In fact, it is reported as much as 74% of companies fail to virtualize intended functions and eventually revert to physical solutions. Furthermore, working from home increases the frequency of cyberattacks by nearly 2 and a half times. Ultimately, delays in troubleshooting, performance issues, delays in solving security issues, and application outages are the end result.

Yet, the cloud processes are still in their early emergence. The benefits realized now include increased business value, reduced security risk, and reduced overspending, with even more to be reaped. One of the pioneers towards actualizing this value is LiveAction, who works to ensure a smoother troubleshooting and application optimization experience. Furthermore, LiveAction helps cloud monitoring in both performance and reports that helps to prevent future bugs from delaying your work.

Ultimately, the risk-to-reward for cloud services is an important factor to consider when switching to cloud services. However, with more merit to come, cloud services will prove to be fruitful and invaluable to future businesses. With many others already making their move to the cloud, it’s best to start reaping the benefits for both now and later.

The Importance of Cloud Monitoring & Why It’s So Hard
Source: Live Action

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