Corporate Gifting and Archetypes: Keys to Better Branding

Last Updated:
January 26, 2023
Brian Wallace

How do corporations develop a unique and authentic personality?  Corporate gifting and brand archetypes are both methods for creating a memorable corporate identity.  When paired together, these methods can result in a powerful corporate voice and a dedicated customer base.


There are many brand archetypes that a company can embody.  Carl Jung developed these archetypes in the 1940s to identify several major personalities that can be applied to companies as well.  Some of these archetypes are the lover, the jester, and the everyman.  Applying one of these archetypes to a company can make the brand relatable to consumers; in fact, brands that placed an emphasis on their archetype rose in value by 97% versus brands without strong archetypes.


Once a company has identified its archetype, it can implement it in other spheres, such as gift-giving.  Corporate gifting creates lasting loyalty, with 80% of customers saying that they would do business with a brand after a personalized experience.  To make corporate gifting more impactful, brands should consider their archetypes and pick gifts that will reflect the values associated with that archetype. 


Regards is a corporate gifting company that helps brands select their archetype and gifts.  An example of a gift that Regards suggests is a Telarus Backpack for the hero archetype.  This backpack offers practical value, which relates to the practicality of the brand.  It speaks to noble goals and pragmatism.  


Being conscious about brand archetype and corporate gifting is critical to a brand’s success and is important for everyone hoping to build a supportive consumer base.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype

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