Create Content at Scale for your Blog with AI

Last Updated:
December 6, 2022

Create Content at Scale for your Blog with AI

Often, as businesses look to scale their content to drive traffic they face a range of challenges. In this article, we look at those challenges and how to mitigate them using AI. Read on to see how you can create content at scale for your blog using AI and boost traffic to your website.

The Two Most Common Challenges When Scaling Content for Your Blog

Hiring Reliable, Affordable Writers

Hiring writers to create content for your blog is difficult at the best of times. However, when you want to increase the number of blog posts per month, this gets increasingly more difficult. First, you have to find a writer that suits the tone of your business and has SEO blog experience. Then, there is the time they need to learn about your industry and business so they can offer value to your readers. Once you find someone, you must then be sure they don’t burn out. This means you may have to hire several writers and distribute the work evenly between them. Each writer you hire is an additional cost, and requires more of your time as you manage, allocate and review the blog posts.

However, by using AI, you no longer need to hire additional blog writers. Instead, you could have one writer produce 8-10 posts a month, and use the AI to do the rest. All you need to do is have someone review and possibly make small edits to the blog after.

Using a Content Service, or Marketplace

Most marketplaces and content services lack quality and require a lot of direction. Oftentimes, to get a blog post worth publishing, you must provide an outline, keywords, and bullet points to discuss. This is a lot of planning and time when you are looking to scale your business. Therefore, most of the time, a content service or marketplace is not the best option. Along with lower quality content, many businesses also find these blogs contain high levels of plagiarism. This of course means you have to check and possibly rewrite the whole post, wasting even more of your valuable time. By using an AI, you could give the same information, or less and get a higher quality blog post, with no plagiarism. However, you must ensure you select a quality AI content program like Content at Scale.

How AI Programs like Content at Scale Can Help

Content at Scale is a blog writing AI that uses three AI engines alongside two natural language processing algorithms. Additionally, the program directly integrates with Copyscape for in-program plagiarism checking. These features allow the AI content generator to create an SEO-optimized draft post from just a few keywords. Purpose-built for blog content, Content at Scale aims to make scaling SEO content easier for all businesses. After all, using AI content allows a writer to edit and optimize many more posts per week than they could write usually.

When you look to create content at scale for your blog, the first thought many businesses have is ‘how can we afford it?’ With Content at Scale, boosting content production for your blog doesn’t need to cost your business a fortune. In fact, this AI will cost you under $0.02 per word. Furthermore, the developers of Content at Scale are continuing to add features to improve the tone of voice and call-to-action prompts within blog posts. Check out Content at Scale for yourself to see if it is the right choice for your business.

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