Differences Between Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

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March 22, 2023
Kay Nicole

Differences Between Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

The proper storage and management of confidential data is essential. Fortunately, there are numerous cloud computing systems available to fill an organization’s needs. Generally, these systems are categorized into three types: public, private, and hybrid clouds. How do these differ from one another?

First, it’s important to understand that data stored in “the cloud” resides in a physical location. The infrastructure used to house and deliver this data is one of the biggest differentiating factors. For instance, with a public cloud, the infrastructure is operated by a third party with its IT services being delivered directly to the client over the internet. These public clouds are utilized by multiple organizations.

Conversely, a private cloud is dedicated to a single organization that maintains the infrastructure. It’s operated on a private network, and the data is only accessible to users within that organization. As the name denotes, hybrid cloud hosting is a combination of the two, wherein the mixed environment uses public and private models.

Other differentiating factors between these options are their respective levels of security and cost-effectiveness. With private clouds, there is a higher degree of security as only authorized users are allowed access. What’s more, it offers customizable security configurations and protocols.

Because of this, private is more expensive than public. Of course, it’s that cost-effectiveness that draws many to public cloud computing services. Hybrids offer scalability for both of these concerns while still remaining a reliable option for privacy.

For further information on the advantages and disadvantages of each public, private, and hybrid cloud options, please see the accompanying information.

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