Reaching New Audiences Through Digital Engagement

Last Updated:
October 20, 2022
Brian Wallace

Digital engagement platforms will become the future of hybrid and virtual events as COVID-19 has impacted how employees communicate, travel, and attend events.  Businesses rely significantly on email and video conferencing before other types of communication.  In 2020, 70 percent of physical events were switched to hybrid or virtual; in 2022, 72 percent of professionals plan to attend virtual events at least as often as they had attended physical events before COVID-19. 


The Move to Digital Platforms


Audiences have moved increasingly to digital platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  As online interaction can bring fatigue and frustration, digital platforms significantly impact employee work experience.  Despite any challenges digital communication poses, people still prefer attending events online, for of the people who attend ten or more events every year, 46 percent attended online events while only 13 percent attended physical ones.  


Businesses thus need virtual events due to their time-saving, cost-reducing, productivity-increasing qualities.  Businesses can incorporate the advantages of online meetings and many trends in technology to produce a more engaging event.  Digital engagement aims to create the best experience for every audience.  One can use gamification to boost event participation and improve retention of information by 40 percent.  Test event attendees on the features of a product in a showroom, reward attendees for mentions and posts on social media, or create a list of milestones for attendees to complete.  


In Conclusion


The incorporation of virtual, augmented, or mixed reality can also create an immersive digital world with real-time interaction and visualized tools.  Using digital engagement, event planners can take steps to improve event quality and keep attendees interested.


The power of virtual events

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