Everything You Need to Know About an Association Management Company

Last Updated:
March 15, 2023
Kay Nicole

association management company

Hiring an association management company can be an intelligent move for leaders of associations and membership-based organizations. They provide a scalable solution for associations to manage their operations and logistics, allowing volunteer leaders to focus on long-term goals and growth.


A good association management company has experience working with many associations. As a result, they understand what it takes to complete the work correctly. They can also help you create innovative solutions to boost member engagement, increase membership growth, and more.

Choosing an AMC can be a great way to save your association time and money by streamlining your day-to-day operations. AMCs provide dedicated staff, resources, workspaces, and equipment so your organization can be its best.

They can also handle the more administrative responsibilities of your association so your volunteer leadership can focus on its mission, goals, and vision.

If you have a small or medium-sized association, hiring an AMC can be a great way for your board to spend more time on strategic planning and setting priorities for the future. A full-service AMC can handle all of your association’s needs, or they can offer standalone services that fill specific gaps. AMCs also often have a strong network of vendors that can save you money on supplies and products.


Running an association or membership-based organization is a lot of work, with many moving parts that must be managed and tracked. To help with this, many organizations choose to hire outside help.

An association management company can provide flexibility when managing your organization’s administrative tasks, budgeting, marketing, and strategic planning. They can also give you professional advice about best practices for your industry.


Transparency fosters trust, innovation, and job happiness in the workplace. It also exposes inequities and encourages accountability.

Workplaces that promote transparency create wide-open workspaces and reams of data on how employees spend their time. It can help improve productivity and shared learning, but too much openness can trigger distortions of fact and counterproductive inhibitions.

transparent workplace is characterized by two-way communication that builds trust among colleagues. It can include sharing pay and revenue numbers, inviting questions, and sharing mistakes.

In addition, leaders can implement transparency on a more company-wide scale by documenting company policies and making them accessible to all employees. It can help reduce anxiety in the workplace and increase communication and collaboration.

An association management company is an external partner working with associations to manage their daily operations, including membership, marketing, policy development, legal, and risk management. They can offer associations a cost-effective, full-service approach, and they can provide industry connections and expertise as needed.


The cost of hiring an association management company varies greatly. It depends on the scope of services and the size of the community being managed. For example, a large HOA community with multiple communal areas and amenities requires more attention from the management company.

A company may also have to pay for their time handling insurance claims. Often, they will be called upon to fulfill vendor invoices for their clients as well.

Another common responsibility of an association management company is collecting and processing dues.

Another common task a company will do for its clients is monitoring their communities’ governing documents and enforce them accordingly. It can be done by performing on-site inspections. They can also assist their clients with generating financial reports that can be shared electronically with the board members of the client association.

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