The Factory of the Future

Last Updated:
February 11, 2022
Brian Wallace

In an increasingly globalized world, manufacturing is constantly evolving to increase production efficiency and expand reach. A new tool expedites this innovation, offering manufacturers a virtual portal to consolidate virtual and real-world operations. The brainchild of Dassault Systemes, the new 3DEXPERIENCE® is an outlet used to “Collaborate, Model, Optimize and Perform operations”.


The debuting tool offers many benefits that advantage companies now, but it also offers mechanisms to prepare them for the future. One of these is resource planning. The platform allows manufacturers to plan for unexpected events by simulating potential disruptive events and suggesting stock sounds and alternative products to avoid them. It also offers manufacturing planning. Digital visualization technology offers predictive capabilities to hone in work flows and manufacturing processes, giving manufacturers a tool to refine factory flows. 


Reconsidering and restructuring how manufacturing is conducted could be transformative for the environment, the economy, transportation, and production efficiency worldwide. Looking out for mother earth, 45% of global emissions can be eliminated at the revision of manufacturing and distribution. Tending to our economy, retail and packaged goods could see a 27% reduction in cost, the energy sector could witness $1 million in outage savings each day, and technology could save with a 90% decrease in quality claims. In the field of transportation, aerospace could reap a 98% increase in on-time delivery, virtual vehicle manufacturing time could be cut by 80%, and marine industries could see a 40% improvement in production. Increasing productivity, rethinking manufacturing has the potential to induce a 50% gain in life science performance, a 70% decrease in the modular conduction time of cities and territories, and a 23% increase in home and lifestyle productivity. These enhancements could be pivotal for numerous industries and sectors, and they positively affect more than those making the changes in manufacturing.


Discover the factory of the future and see how the  3DEXPERIENCE® can revolutionize manufacturing. Learn more about the factory of the future below:


Factory of the Future

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