How to Find a Perfect Audience

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July 26, 2022
Brian Wallace

It’s become one of the most talked about jobs of the modern world, a content creator, someone who goes on a platform like YouTube or Facebook and makes content completely unique to them. This is something well known but not well explored for many, here are three phases that can help in finding a perfect audience and growing a consistent audience.

Phase one is all about foundations. Through learning about one’s environment, the site they’re operating on, how to be efficient online, and being sensitive to the demographics they want to reach, one can start to build a foundation. This is where an individual must determine what kind of content they want to make, and who they want to reach.

Phase two is all about refining the foundation, it’s a phase characterized by tone and timing. Now, instead of getting a basic grasp of who one wants to reach and how, they can look more explicitly at the tone they’re giving off. The messages they’re sending to their audience. The content creator must also refine their upload timing and take control of their content.

Phase three is all about emotions. Now working with a refined sense of one’s tone and a strong foundation, the creator can start to build an audience. This process can be really slowed with poor emotional regulation though. The audience is a creator's greatest asset and greatest weakness.

Every creator receives criticism, but the creators that take it too far to heart, who dramatically shift their content because of it, are the failed creators. One must have a strong hold of their emotions both for the sake of themselves, and for the sake of their success.

These are the three phases for any content creator to create an audience. It’s not a fast or easy process, just like any other meaningful job, but that doesn’t mean it’s not manageable, or that it’s not possible. All it takes is a little drive, a little creativity, and a lot of work.

Finding A Perfect Audience
Source: Bang Productions

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