Focus Drinks: Boosting Brain Health

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January 25, 2023
Brian Wallace

In today’s digital world, we are bombarded with constant demands for our attention. We face up to 10,000 marketing messages and 80 phone notifications a day. There are also almost constant interruptions at work; the average office worker can be interrupted every 11 minutes. Our distracting environment has led to impaired focus, lowered attention spans, and lingering brain fog. 42% of U.S millennials often try to improve their focus levels by consuming food and drink. Caffeine is a very popular choice- millions of liters are consumed every year. 


However, according to studies, caffeine is ineffective at improving focus. It is actually notorious for altering sleep schedules, creating tolerances quickly, and decreasing productivity when withdrawal sets in. Many caffeinated drinks are also full of sugar and copious amounts of caffeine. Over the long-term, this may lead to health concerns such as poor heart health, digestion issues, and a higher dementia risk. 

There are more natural and healthy ways to improve focus other than caffeine. One DIY approach is biohacking, which involves behavior changes that are more in-line with our biological needs. It is also possible to boost brain health by taking natural substances, such as herbs, vitamins, and amino acids. WakeUp! is a patented blend formulated to work with our body’s natural clock to support alertness throughout the day. It has been proven to improve focus, work performance, and even processing speed when used consistently- without any of the disadvantages of caffeine. Make the switch to focus drinks for a healthier alternative today.


How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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