Workplace Transformation Led By Gen Z Workers

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June 25, 2023
Brian Wallace

Attracting Gen Z workers, a growing portion of the workforce, means companies have to understand the intricacies of this restless generation’s career landscape. With rises in job transitions and turnover rates, it is necessary for companies to make sense of Gen Z’s expectations and needs while properly adjusting strategies. But how can this be done? 

It is expected that the Gen Z generation will make up at least 30% of the workforce in the next seven years. Many have already joined the workforce early. But while there are many Gen Z workers available, engaging and keeping them is another story. It is challenging for organizations to accommodate Gen Z workers, with more than 70% of hiring managers sharing that Gen Z is the hardest generation to work with.

Three big factors are driving the Gen Z hiring gap: changes to the workplace after COVID, tensions in the workplace, and differing expectations between employees and employers when it comes to a successful career. All of these leads to higher turnover rates that waste time, money, and workforce potential for companies. Interestingly, a little more than half of early-career employees share that their turnover didn’t need to happen if hiring strategies were changed to better engage the future generation. 

Organizations can recruit and retain Gen Z workers by making sure all of their expectations are clear, including salary, benefits, PTO information and opportunities for growth. It is also important for employers to be genuinely transparent about salary as well as how the company operates. Gen Zers especially value workplace respect as well as opportunities to nurture deeper connections with coworkers in and outside of the workplace. Gen Zers are also serious about intentional communication that is clear and concise during the hiring process and on the job. 

Attracting the generation of the future means companies have to put more emphasis on building transparency while caring more of the respect and workplace connections that Gen Z appreciates. 

What You Need To Recruit And Retain Gen Z
Source: Abode HR

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