Why Hire Slow Fire Fast Can Work in Your Business

Last Updated:
March 22, 2022
Brian Wallace

With the amount of open positions in many businesses right now, it makes sense that employers are trying to speed up their hiring process. While this does mean that open positions are being filled, it can also lead to hiring employees who are not the right fit for the position or for the overall team. It may seem counterintuitive that hiring at a slower rate could lead to higher success, but taking the extra time to follow some simple steps could mean that candidates are chosen more effectively to meet the needs of your company. 


When looking for a new employee, take the time to carefully consider your businesses needs and expectations. Try and think about long term goals and benefits versus immediate needs. When drafting a job description, make sure to describe the goals of the business as well as the skills and attributes that are needed for long-term success. This means that more candidates will apply who are closer matches to what you are looking for versus candidates who are applying to a vague job description. 


Another thing to think about in looking for a new employee is how well candidates will compliment an already existing team dynamic. While quality of individual work is important, the way that a team operates is essential for the overall success of a business.


Slowing down the hiring process allows for corporations to ensure that only high quality employees are being hired onto their team. This is beneficial not only for employers, but for the overall team as well! If you are experiencing hiring problems in your business, consider following these tips and taking more time in considering each candidate.

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