How Can Telematics Data Improve Freight Transportation

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March 21, 2023
Kay Nicole

How Can Telematics Data Improve Freight Transportation

Achieving optimal efficiency means being able to plan ahead, and that means having as much information as possible. In the past, this was difficult to accomplish in the logistics industry for several reasons. In most cases, once a truck hit the road there was very little shippers could do to keep tabs on their shipments. It was difficult to know how soon the driver might arrive or whether he or she was on the optimal route. The time freight spent on the highway was a significant blind spot, which was a problem considering how much of the total travel time consisted of that leg of the journey.

Today, however, technology has provided a solution to this issue. Fleet telematics systems collect data from vehicles while they are on the road and transmit it back to the shipper and the carrier, providing valuable insights into the performance of your fleet. This gives everyone real-time visibility into where every shipment is at all times. The primary benefit is providing the most accurate ETA for freight, but the advantages of these systems go far beyond that.

For example, carriers can gain insights into driver behavior, helping them understand how safely and efficiently drivers are working. It also helps them monitor fuel consumption to better manage their resources and enhance communication between drivers and dispatchers. In the case of theft, telematics can even help aid in the recovery of stolen assets.

With the right information, the transportation and logistics sector can improve their operations and become more effective overall. To learn more about how telematics data can improve freight transportation, take a look at the accompanying resource.

Infographic created by Track Your Truck, a GPS vehicle tracking devices provider  

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