How Generative AI is Changing Marketing

Last Updated:
April 16, 2023
Brian Wallace

Artificial Intelligence, or AI,  is all the rage lately. No doubt that you have seen its practical application in terms of everything from passing the bar exam to helping you write an email. In addition to some of the examples of how people have been integrating generative AI in their business and day to day life, there has been a surge of practical applications  especially when it comes to marketing. 


Most companies are already using AI in their processes, or at least exploring to do so. You might wonder - if you’re a writer, designer, videographer, or a content marketer, are you soon to be replaced by artificial intelligence? Fortunately, there’s more to the field of artificial intelligence than that. The team at Nova have developed an infographic further breaking down this new frontier of understanding generative AI for marketing.


The infographic below covers the following topics:


  • The rise of generative AI - why it’s popular and who the players are to the field
  • What Generative AI is used for in marketing and what’s next
  • New opportunities from AI tools
  • Expert AI opinions from key opinion leaders in the field
  • A look to the future of artificial intelligence when it comes to marketing


Don’t sleep on the opportunity to see what is next in this growing field. Knowledge is power and it is for you to learn to up your game in this space. Learn more about generative AI in the visual deep dive below:


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