How Often Should you Post on TikTok to Grow your Account?

Last Updated:
September 13, 2022

how often should you post on TikTok

The TikTok algorithm has the power to take your account from unknown to viral in record time.  It is easy for users to discover new accounts, brands, and influencers on the platform. However, understanding this algorithm is key to having long-term success on TikTok. Using trending audio and popular hashtags will have some effect on your popularity, as will the number of posts you make. Below is a look into how often you should post on TikTok to grow your account.

How often does the algorithm want you to post?

Even though TikTok features trending topics that change quickly, the algorithm prefers intentional posting. Accounts that post over 6 times a day are likely to show on the explore page less. According to TikTok themselves, you should aim to post 1 to 4 times per day. When posting multiple times, ensure they all fit within your brand aesthetic for the best results.

So, how often should you post on TikTok?

Posting numerous TikTok’s per day can be a challenge for many businesses. As a new business, you should aim to post 3-5 times a day to build a following. This is not including reposts or TikTok video share. However, once you have a following, reduce your TikTok posts to an easily sustainable number. This may be 1-3 per day.

How should you create content?

When creating your content for TikTok, consider preplanning and batch-creating. By planning out your content, it ensures the brand vision, tone and style are consistent. It also ensures that you always have content available to post. Once you have a plan for the content you want to create, plan a day to film it all. Filming a number of different videos in the same session or batch creating saves you time. Once everything is filmed, edit the clips, add music and captions, then save them to your drafts.

What should you post?

When deciding on content, consider current viral trends, popular sounds, and the vision of your brand. See if you can fit the tone, style, and vision of your brand into the trend, if not, don’t do that trend. Staying authentic to your brand is key to building and sustaining a following. Get creative, and utilize unique elements of your brand to help your videos stand out.

When should you post?

This depends on when your followers or target audience are online. Do some research and look at your analytics to see when your audience is using the TikTok app. For example, if your audience is older and only browses TikTok after work, posting in the evening is beneficial. However, if your followers are also checking in at lunchtime you may want to post once in the late morning, and once in the evening. Use A/B testing to help determine the best times for your audience. A/B testing involves posting similar content at two different times to see which gets the most engagement. TikTok also allows Creator accounts to schedule content in advance. Thus, if you batch film and edit, you can also pre-schedule posts for the week all at once. By doing this you have more time throughout the week to join in on trends or duet popular videos alongside your branded content.

Use the advice above for how often you should post on TikTok to start boosting your business presence on the app. With over one billion users worldwide, being active on the platform can offer significant advantages for your business. Start posting today and be creative with your content, after all, creating content should be fun and strategic.

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