How to Choose the Right Specialized Pallet Shipping Service for Your Trucking Needs

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June 11, 2023
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How to Choose the Right Specialized Pallet Shipping Service for Your Trucking Needs

Pallet shipping is a standard method for transporting freight. They provide a stable surface for loading and stacking shipments, helping to reduce damage and make transit times faster.  So having a specialized pallet shipping service on your side can make your process much easier and more cost effective.

Pallets have standard sizing, allowing carriers to maximize truck space. This helps them get more shipments in one truckload trip and saves customers money.


Trucking is the most popular mode of freight transportation, with 11.5 billion tons of cargo being hauled annually. The industry is enormous but also fragmented. This can affect pricing and capacity and lead to unexpected accessorial fees on your bill.

Your shipment’s dimensions and weight will determine its freight class. You can check out our freight shipping calculator for help estimating your rates.

If you’re shipping 12 or more pallets at a time headed to the same destination, you’ll likely need a full truckload (FTL) service. If you’re shipping less than that, you can consider less-than-truckload (LTL) options. You’ll need proper labeling to ensure your freight shipments arrive at their destinations safely and securely.

A wide range of industries require specialized freight services to transport their products. This includes anything from oil and gas mining to manufacturing and construction. Specialized freight shipping companies have the logistics, technology, and workforce networks to deliver shipments safely and efficiently.

Whether you’re shipping fragile goods, heavy equipment, or medical supplies, the type of pallet your freight requires will depend on what it’s packed in and how it’s loaded onto the pallet. Look for a wood or plastic pallet that fits your load and is durable enough to handle the rigors of transit. You can also improve stability by stacking cartons in columns and placing top and bottom load protector pads to distribute the weight of stacked freight, protect against damage from pallet nail heads and increase vertical stacking strength.


When choosing specialized top trucking companies in Dallas for your trucking needs, finding one with experience is essential. Technical freight services find solutions for shipments that standard trucking options can’t handle, such as oversized or hazardous materials. They’ll also have a good understanding of the regulations and requirements for this type of shipment.

Pallets make it easier and faster to load and unload shipments, reducing trucking costs. They also allow more freight to be shipped per truck, saving fuel costs and reducing the stops to transport your goods.

Another advantage of pallets is their standard sizes, which can help maximize truck space. This can be helpful when shipping LTL (less than a truckload) shipments, where each pallet must be weighed and loaded separately.

When selecting suitable pallets for your shipments, consider weight, fragility, destination, and budget factors. Choose pallets of durable materials that can withstand shipping elements like accelerating, cornering, and braking. Avoid using cardboard or pressboard pallets, which are cheap but can’t withstand these forces and may not be suitable for intercontinental transport.

When it comes to shipping pallets, proper labeling is also essential. Ensure your labels include clear and accurate information about the shipment, including any special handling instructions carriers require. Also, be sure to include the dimensions of your shipments on your bills of lading to prevent any unforeseen accessorial fees or charges.


A pallet is a portable platform that provides a sturdy base for stacking freight, making it easier to move with forklifts or pallet jacks. They come in various sizes, from standard 48-by-40 inches to specialty pallets for specific applications. They are also available in wood, plastic, and metal, with each design offering advantages and disadvantages depending on your shipment requirements.

In addition to choosing the correct pallet size for your needs, you must consider the shipping cost. Pricing for freight shipments is often based on weight or volume, but other factors may influence the final rate. For example, if your freight is classified as hazmat, it will usually require special handling and might incur additional fees or charges. Also, the origin and destination of your freight will significantly impact your shipping costs.

It’s essential to know the different pricing options for your freight to select a specialized pallet shipping service that offers affordable rates. To make the process more efficient, choose a provider that offers an online quoting tool that simplifies the process of comparing rates from multiple carriers. This allows you to get a complete picture of the costs associated with your shipping, including all applicable taxes and duties. Also, disclose any unique service needs (such as lift gates, indoor delivery, or other accessorials) early in the quoting process so the carrier can factor these into your freight quote.


Whether you need to move one or several freight pallets, shipping them correctly will save time and money. Proper packaging ensures your shipment is handled correctly and won’t shift during transit. This can make a big difference in how quickly your freight arrives at its destination and can help you avoid costly returns or delivery delays.

A good pallet supplier will have a wide selection of materials, including standard and custom pallets. These platforms come in various sizes and can be wood, plastic, or metal. They typically stack and secure a group of boxes or cartons together. Some are designed with columns that prevent overlapping, and some use a system of nylon bands to hold the containers in place.

The type of pallet you use will depend on the size, weight, and shape of your freight. Some carriers require specific kinds of pallets and will offer guidelines on how to pack them, so be sure to work with a supplier who is familiar with your carrier’s shipping policies.

Specialized pallet shipping service will ship in many ways, ranging from a partial truckload (PTL) of six to 12 pallets to an intermodal shipment with rail and trucks. It can also include refrigerated or hazardous cargo that requires special equipment or licensing.

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