How to Create a Business One-Pager

Last Updated:
February 13, 2024

How to Create a Business One-Pager

A business one-pager can be a lifesaver for pitching ideas, communicating information, and launching products. Often a one-pager is your only chance to make a favorable first impression and gain the attention of your audience. As such, getting these documents right is crucial. Follow the tips below to create a business one-pager for your needs.

What to include in a business one-pager

As the best one-pager documents are comprehensive while being concise, including the right information is key. When creating a one-pager make sure you include the following:

  • An executive summary

This is a brief overview of the project or product.

  • A company history and overview, or an ‘About Us’ section

Include how long you have been in business, and possibly your business mission or values.

  • The problem statement

What are you trying to solve? Accurately identify the pain points this project or product will address.

  • The features and benefits of your business, product, or service

Explain how you aim to solve the previous problem and why it will work.

  • Who the target market is (when relevant)

A brief description of how you are planning to sell to

  • Share milestones your business has already achieved

This is to show your business is reliable and successful. Consider any awards you have won or sales milestones.

  • Future plans and objectives of the business

This is to show future planning and insight into how your business operates

  • What team members are working on the project or product

Knowing the who behind the product or project creates a personal connection.

  • Social proof or testimonials

Show that you have an audience and that they trust your business.

  • Contact details including email, phone number, and address

This is crucial as they need to know how to get more information on the project or product.

  • A call-to-action

Consider sending readers to a landing page or product page for more details.

This may seem like a lot of detail to include on one page, but just remember the one-pager should grab their attention, not showcase every detail.

Best practices to follow as you create a business one-pager

Keep it simple

A one-pager should be concise and easy to read. You do not need to include every detail, just key points. The reader will reach out for more information if the one-pager works as it should. Use concise bullet points or short sentences to provide information.

Use visuals and color

Breaking up text with visual elements makes it easier to read, and more appealing. Make sure any images you use are of high-quality. Consider using images of the team members working on the project and utilize icons to showcase achievements and goals. Make sure you are incorporating brand colors throughout to make a cohesive document that is also recognizable. Each section should be divided from the previous one and the one next to it by using color.

Use a template

Templates for one-pagers can help you to save time, and give you direction. This is especially important if you have never created a one-pager before. Consider these templates to help you find one that meets your needs.

Use headlines

Separate sections throughout the one-pager by using bold fonts and fun headlines. Come up with catchy headlines that grab the readers' attention and stick in their minds.


Before finalizing and sending off your business one-pager, get input from your team. In particular, discuss and collaborate with the team members working on the product or project. They may have additional key information they feel is necessary or help remove details that are unimportant in the first stage. This step will ensure your business one-pager is concise and accurate.


While most one-pager documents will be letter size, as most are now sent digitally, you can utilize infographic sizes instead. Just make sure that it is not longer than the equivalent of two letter-size pages. Just remember it shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to read over!

Create a business one-pager that captures the attention of your audience using the tips above. These documents can help you create new advertising campaigns, gain investors, showcase employee and business achievements, and much more.

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