How to Create a Trustworthy Brand with the Use of Social Media

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August 15, 2021
Kay Nicole

How to Create a Trustworthy Brand with the Use of Social Media

Social media as a marketing platform is so vast. As such, many of its essential marketing aspects may escape our eyes. Most people look at social media as a platform for promoting content, products, and services. This is the most elementary perception of the platform. However, it can do many more things for marketers and add value to their marketing efforts. Social media is different from other marketing channels because it sets up two-way communication. This is essential for engaging customers, both existing as well as prospective ones.  When customers interact with businesses, it sows the seeds for building relationships with the business and brand, which goes a long way in enhancing business. The interactions that happen on social media in the course of marketing helps to develop trust for brands.

As a marketer, you have to take full advantage of this aspect of social media marketing. When the audience generates trust for brands, a community of followers develops around them. Trust is the magical bond that creates a deeper relationship with customers. Thereby, encouraging referrals and repeat purchases. Building brand trust is a long-term investment in marketing that keeps paying back as the campaign progresses. This article is about how you can build brand trust on social media.

Establish your authority

To make the people accept your brand you have to demonstrate your authority first. This way the audience will find enough reasons to listen to you. Being an authority in the industry or on a particular topic helps earn respect from the audience. They in turn start trusting the brand and the voice behind it. Content is the primary source that generates authority because its quality underlines the hold you have on the subject. The more you can share it, the more appreciation it receives. This all adds up to the enhancement of authority. Joining conversations and sharing valuable information and advice is another means of gaining authority.

While building authority is essential, it is even more challenging to maintain it. You have to be in the thick of things happening in your industry. Keep researching and sharing with others to sustain the authority. When you have a say about the latest happenings and share opinions and insights about it, people realize why they should rely on you. After you develop a brand for yourself, also make sure that you protect your brand and goodwill with the help of adequate trademark protection.

Get intimate with the audience

Social media gives the opportunity to show off your brand. You must make full use of it by demonstrating your brand personality.  Brands are what you make of it, and the human face behind the brand is what the audience looks for. The person behind the business is what generates trust. Unless you can establish your identity to the audience in a trusted way, the brand will never become trusted.  To show the human face behind the brand, you have to develop an intimate relationship with the audience. The audience has to know that they are interacting with a human and not robots. This helps to create a connection between the brand and the people behind it.

Admit any mistakes that happen, because to err is human. When you own up mistakes, it shows your sincerity about the task and makes it easy for people to relate to you. The human face shows up in the process. When you act like a human, the humane touch passes on to the brand and develops a brand personality. Join in conversations and answer questions that bear proof of humans moving the brand.

Show your helpful attitude

A helpful attitude is a vital ingredient in building trust, and it pays to show your helpfulness by interacting with the audience to address issues that bother them. Monitor your social media account closely so that you can respond to people promptly. Besides monitoring the name of the company, products, and services along with the brand name keep a close watch whenever there is any mention of it at any place on the social media platform. The idea is to latch on to every opportunity of entering into conversations with the audience while offering support to resolve issues that they might be facing. In case you are in any difficulty responding, instead of staying quiet, direct customers to an appropriate number, email address, or customer support where they could get a positive response.

The quick response has many benefits

Quick response is what you have to ensure to meet the expectations of customers who want a response within two hours at the most. Delay in responding can drive customers to react negatively.  Depending on your ability to respond, create realistic expectations among customers so that they are ready to give you the time you need. Be active on social media at times when it is mutually convenient for you to interact live with your customers. A timely response has lots of benefits as the brand would receive more recommendations on social media, sales would increase, and more people would come forward to encourage others to buy the brand.

Promote the brand on your own

Never miss the promotional opportunities available on social media by engaging in promoting brands, products, and services on your own. Although it might appear like beating your drum that is the way you should do the right marketing.  Create a promotional campaign on social media by using proper content and make proper use of the social feeds for highlighting your products and services. The majority of the social interactions should revolve around promotions with less focus on third-party content and interactions with followers.  Remember that you must act with restraint in the promotion so that there are no overtures about selling because pitching for sales might often turn off customers. Give them the space to decide on their own by referring to the promotional information that you have shared with them. Convey value in all communications and stay away from persuasive selling.

Once you have created the brand personality and provided enough insights to the audience, it is only a matter of time for sales to happen.

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