How to Get Facebook Post Notifications

Last Updated:
October 21, 2021

Get Facebook Post Notifications

Facebook is always changing its algorithms and newsfeed preferences. Sometimes this is to make things run better, however often settings get reset or functionality changes. So, if you have stopped receiving notifications when people post or want to change whose posts you get notifications for, this guide is for you.

Setting Up Facebook Notifications

Businesses can use Facebook notifications to help increase their brand reputation and stay in contact with customers. However, to take advantage of these marketing benefits, your notifications must be working correctly. Below are the steps to take to get Facebook post notifications for the pages and people you select.

1. Turning On and Off Basic Notifications

To turn on basic notifications for all pages, simply head to the settings option in your profile. This is in the top right-hand corner on a computer, or in the bottom right-hand corner on mobile. Here you can select if you want to have push notifications on or off. A push notification will send a pop-up message to your phone. In this section, you can select what you want notifications for. This includes;

  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Reminders
  • Activity involving you
  • Updates from friends
  • Friend requests
  • Birthdays
  • Events
  • Groups

These detailed categories allow you to choose if you want notifications on Facebook, by push, by email, or by SMS.

2. Selecting Notifications for Specific People/Pages

If you don’t want all notifications on, you do have the option to individually choose what you see. Simply go to the profile page of who you wish to get notifications for and select the options menu (the button with the three dots). Here you can adjust your ‘Manage Notifications’ on mobile or ‘Follow Settings’ on a computer. Within this menu, you can select whether they are a favorite (prioritizes posts on your feed), default (standard algorithm order), if you would like to snooze the page (not see posts for 30 days), or not see posts at all on your feed. Additionally, you can select what type of posts you want notifications for. These include;

  • Posts
  • Video
  • Live Video
  • Offers

As you can see, it is easy to select and specify exactly which notifications you want and for who. But why should you be utilizing these options, and how will it affect your Facebook browsing.

How notifications show on Facebook

Any notifications you sign up for will show in the menu bar of your Facebook account. You can find all notifications present and past under the bell tab. This tab will also have a red dot to show that there is a new notification. If you have multiple notifications, the red dot will have a number in it to represent this. Once you open the tab, the red dot will go away. From the notification tab, you can simply click on the notification to view the full post, image or to go to the video.

Why Facebook uses notifications

For Facebook users, the ability to customize notifications is crucial. Not only does it allow users to control their experience, it allows them to simplify their social media experience. For businesses, these notifications are practical and helpful. Businesses can easily manage comments and questions using this feature, rather than constantly checking posts. It is also helpful for casual Facebook users as they can simply go through their notifications to see what they have missed.

Optimize your Facebook browsing experience by personalizing your notifications. By doing this you can cut your aimless scrolling and see what really matters to you. Whether it’s family updates, behind the scenes of your favorite brand, or important discussions in groups. Get your Facebook post notifications set up to work for you and enjoy seeing what you want, when you want.


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