How to Improve Business Workflows and Efficiencies with Whimsical

Last Updated:
September 16, 2021

Improve Business Workflows

Whimsical is a visual workspace that allows users to create flowcharts, sticky notes, and more. Many businesses can benefit by using this cloud-based tool to improve business workflows and increase efficiency. Below are several ways you can use Whimsical to benefit your business.

Use Sticky Notes for Organization

One of the great features of Whimsical is its digital sticky notes feature. This allows users to create a digital kanban board or to-do list. Users can select the color and size of each sticky note, then simply drag and drop to where they need it. Using the sticky note feature can improve business workflows as multiple users can view each board with the correct permissions. This allows for seamless collaboration without having to make phone calls or send various emails. As an added bonus you can export your sticky notes as a high-resolution PNG file to share with others in meetings or via email when you need to.

Use Wireframes to Design Apps and Websites

This feature is key for developers and designers. Now, you and your team can seamlessly work on an app or website design simultaneously. Each user has a color similar to Google Docs and changes automatically update. Within the Wireframe tool, there are countless features to make designing easier than ever before. Instead of searching and scrolling for an icon, simply type in what you are looking for and a range of options pop up. Plus, Whimsical has templates for mobile, desktop, and tablets for you to use while journey mapping and creating design drafts.

Use Flow Charts to Create Dynamic Workflow Processes

Flow charts are a popular tool used by many businesses. You can use them to create and improve business workflows by showing processes. Or, many businesses even create visually appealing flow charts as interactive content for their website or marketing. Whimsical have taken the stress out of flow charts, now you simply click and select where to go next. Users can easily change colors and customize icons to match your branding in just a few clicks. As with the other features, collaboration is easy by making comments right in the document.

Additional Notable Features

As a visual tool, Whimsical also offers a mind mapping tool. This is great for visual workers and for collaborating at the idea stage of a new project. As with the other tools above, you can create your mind map with just a few clicks. Mind maps are kept basic and clean by only using lines and text. This saves time while creating a useful document. Whimsical also features a document center where you can import sticky notes, mind maps, workflows, or wireframes to create a master document without leaving the tool. Additionally, the specially designed intuitive toolbar makes Whimsical users friendly and easy to use without extra fuss. As a cloud-based program, your employees can easily collaborate and communicate no matter where they are.

Though it has some downsides, like a lack of preloaded templates, the Whimsical team continues to improve and expand the tools available. So, if you are looking to improve business workflows and increase collaboration, Whimsical is a great tool to consider.

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