How to use the Repost App for Instagram

Last Updated:
March 10, 2022

How to use the Repost App for Instagram

Social media marketing is crucial for any business in the modern era. However, part of building a community on social media is sharing insights and posts from other creators. This is easy enough to do on both Twitter and Facebook, but a little more difficult on Instagram. Luckily, the Repost App for Instagram fixes this problem for you. Below we look at how to use the app and the benefits of reposting content.

How to Post Using Repost App for Instagram

This app is easy to use and user-friendly. Simply follow the steps below to share content from your audience or favorite creators.

  1. Download the Repost app for iOS or Android.
  2. Open your Instagram app and find the Instagram post you wish to repost.
  3. Click the sharing options on the desired post. This shows as three dots above the image, on the righthand side.
  4. Select ‘Copy Share URL’. This will trigger a confirmation that it is copied.
  5. Reopen the Repost app, the copied post should immediately show up
  6. Select the post and click ‘Repost’. Then click ‘Copy to Instagram’, this will take you back to the Instagram app. The post, caption, and the original user will now be editable.
  7. Edit the caption as you wish and ensure the original user is tagged in the caption and image.
  8. Post the image as normal.

Benefits of reposting content

The Repost app adds more functionality to the standard Instagram app while making it easy to give credit to the original user. Below are a few more benefits.

Diversify your content to expand your community

Looking to diversify your content? The Repost app allows you to not only do this but also to expand your community. It does this by allowing you to easily share content from others that are relevant to your business while gaining exposure. It increases your exposure as the reposted image will also show on the original users’ profile, under their tagged images. It is always best to check with the original account before reposting. By doing this they may also then share your post on their stories, and generate further interest in your business. To succeed on Instagram you need active and engaged followers, posting consistently helps with this. By using the Repost app, you can create original content most days, but supplement with other posts.

Build Trust

One of the best ways to build trust online is by being authentic. One way to show you are a real person behind the brand is by sharing things you like. The Repost app for Instagram helps you do this through images.  Additionally, by using the Repost app, you can share user-generated content on your profile. This helps to build trust in your brand as your own customers become credible reviews for new customers. Those using social media, often look to influencers for inspiration, and user-generated content helps you achieve this.

The Repost App for Instagram is a great tool to use. It allows you to easily share posts that interest you with your audience while crediting the original poster. It also allows you to build more trust and credibility for your brand through user-generated content.

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