Jobs of the Future: How Gen Z is Different

Last Updated:
November 20, 2022
Brian Wallace

In a recent study of current workers, it was found that workers aged 18-24, the age range that is considered Gen Z, change jobs an average of 5.7 times as opposed to older generations who are seen changing jobs an average of 2-3 job changes. This significant gap in the generations raises the question of why Gen Z changes jobs so many times. 


Gen Z is Finding Their Way

One reason is the multiple options for work. Unlike previous generations, there are a lot more options for what kind of job to choose from and with the popularity of remote jobs, there is a lot to try out when it comes to working. Therefore, Gen Z workers are seeing changing jobs to find the job that works well for them. 


Another reason for this gap could be attributed to the priorities between Gen Z and older generations. Usually, older generations prioritize financial security when it comes to choosing a job. The only reason they would change it would be if they find another job that pays better or if something about their current jobs causes them to choose to leave. 


Since Gen Z workers are still quite young, they prioritize the “right fit” job. To elaborate, that means they are looking for jobs that would either fit what they studied for (if they went to college) or one that is flexible with their life schedule. While all generations seek work-life balance, Gen Z workers are looking for jobs that can adjust to their schedule rather than the other way around. 

In Conclusion

The last point to mention for Gen Z to hop around jobs is that they want to find purpose in their work. Engagement is a key factor in why Gen Z seeks purpose in what they do and wants to feel like they are contributing. Having clear expectations and understanding their roles and responsibilities is the way Gen Z works. Learn more about the jobs of the future in the infographic below:

Jobs Of The Future

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