Keep Consumers Coming Back with the Best Loyalty Apps

Last Updated:
January 2, 2024
Brian Wallace

Many loyalty apps and rewards programs for different brands and services are only accessible through their mobile app. These apps offer perks and benefits for loyal users when they download them onto their smart device. The most popular categories for these apps are restaurant, shopping, and travel oriented services, all receiving some of the highest ratings on the App Store and Google Play.

Of the top ten most-downloaded restaurant apps in the United States, topping the charts are popular food stops like Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and Starbucks. These brands have received nearly perfect 5-star reviews, as have many others on this top list.

Similarly, shopping apps have taken off in recent years due to the ease and convenience of online shopping. Apps like Etsy, Target, Amazon, and Walmart are nearing 5-star reviews and are amongst the most commonly downloaded apps on these platforms.

Travel apps span a wide variety of transportation, lodging, and planning services. On the top of the popularity and frequently downloaded charts is Fly Delta, followed closely by Lyft, Uber, IHG and Expedia. Many users find it convenient to have these apps at their fingertips, as they can easily access them in airports, in hotels, on a trip, and on the go wherever they may need them without having to log in on a browser.

Overall, the acceleration of technological development has allowed for different companies to expand their consumer reach using apps. The ease and accessibility that these apps offer will keep consumers coming back, increasing and expanding their loyal customer base.  

How Do Consumers Rate the Top Loyalty Rewards Apps

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