Law Firm Marketing Services Checklist Guide for Lawyers

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June 6, 2022
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Legal firms have risen significantly over the past decade and are showing signs of continued growth in the future. In this thriving market, you’ll need a strategic marketing approach to succeed in such a competitive industry. Due to this, those who want to get ahead will need strategic law firm marketing services accomplished on an ongoing basis.

Only a limited number of law firms are satisfied with the current roster of paying customers and leads they receive. When measuring business performance, more is always better. Providing excellent customer service already gives you a lot to manage. To assist you in reaching your goals, a partner can be a valuable asset. But how can you be sure which legal marketing firm provides the best fit for you? And what law firm marketing services do you require? Below are the answers to some of these frequently asked questions.

Ensure your Legal Marketing Firm is well-versed in your Practice 

The agency you choose to work with must have a comprehensive knowledge of the market you’re targeting and the areas you deal in. Marketers who don’t have an understanding of the legal industry may be unfamiliar with the essential principles that you take for granted, such as law firm PPC advertising services. What do you mean by “damages” or that corporate lawyers represent businesses rather than individuals? More compelling outcomes and more efficient communication between you and your agency contacts is often a direct result of choosing a legal marketing firm that recognizes and understands the ins and outs of your practice.

Review the Services

When searching for attorneys, clients expect to know what services they are entitled to. Are their unique requirements something you can fulfill? This concept also applies to probing for a marketing firm. Do they have adequate experience in the areas you need? What is organic search? SEO? What is social media? What law firm marketing services do they offer? A credible organization will generously address your needs and will give you a comprehensive and honest response.

Be sure to inquire about the range of their services on an applicable issue. For example, do they manage the execution while you handle the strategy and preparation? Ensure that the organization has the resources and capability to address your particular needs.

Look Out for Relevant Case Studies and Reviews

Throughout your investigation, you’ll discover many award-winning firms. Although these accomplishments are commendable, they may not convey the full image of the organization. To avoid any lingering doubts about the organization’s abilities, be especially attentive when performing your analysis. As a good practice, consider visiting their website to explore if any case studies have been published.

A good indicator is the law firm SEO agency generating successful marketing efforts for its clients. If you can’t find any case studies, search for relevant feedback on their websites. Generally, third-party platforms will also have legitimate client reviews without influence from the agency.

To check reviews, Launch Google Maps and enter into the search box the web development company for law firms you are examining. On desktop it should appear in the top-left corner and for mobile, at the top in the center. Remember that a firm may have little to no reviews, distinguishing that they are new to the trade.

Look for Firms That Allow Short-Term Commitments

There’s no guarantee that your law firm marketing service needs will be met by the firm you choose in a short period of time. Long-term contracts should be considered a red flag as some agencies retain customers by locking them into long-term deals.

You should have the option to change law firm marketing agencies at a moment's notice to avoid wasting resources on inadequate marketing. Search for an agency that offers shorter contracts, such as a month-to-month deal. This gives you the flexibility to choose to end your partnership on a short term basis if you aren’t satisfied. Most agencies won’t reveal this information on their websites, but a brief conversation with a firm salesman should get you the information you need.

Evaluate the Law Firm’s Marketing Agency

How involved should you expect your marketing firm to be? What level of participation do you need? What do they offer for lead generation and content creation? Are essential services such as SEO and law firm PPC advertising services part of their marketing strategy?

While it’s valuable to know what they do, it’s just as important to know how they do it. How will meetings be conducted? Are meetings via video chat an option if needed? How is performance and results measured, recorded, and reported on?

Know what law firm marketing services to expect and determine if it meets your business’s demands. When making your decision don’t rush, compare your options, consider the pros and cons, then commit with certainty. Marketing can be difficult, but it is a rewarding process. A reputable law firm SEO agency team will guarantee your experience is pleasing.

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