LegalZoom Best Alternatives and Overview

Last Updated:
June 22, 2022

LegalZoom Best Alternatives

Every small business requires legal advice and assistance at some stage. This can be complicated as you search for a lawyer to take on your business as a client. However, the hunt is over, there are now various online legal services available for businesses to utilize. These digital services allow businesses to pay fixed rates for many different types of legal assistance. Below are more details about LegalZoom, and the best alternatives for your business needs.

What is Legal Zoom?

LegalZoom is designed to be a digital legal service for any small business needs. They offer fixed rates on a variety of legal work, from LLC formation to trademark registrations. However, businesses have the option of one-time services or regular assistance through the Business Advisory plan. The most popular services that LegalZoom offers include;

Business Formation

This service helps you to set up your new business, from choosing a business entity type to reserving your business name. LegalZoom experts have experience in forming LLCs, C-corporations, S-corporations, non-profits, limited liability partnerships, and sole proprietorship organizations. Additionally, they can help you file for a federal tax ID, business license and any permits your business may need.

Business Operation

LegalZoom can help your business to create legal contacts, file reports, change business details, and more. They can help your business with creating operating agreements, and annual reports for shareholders or investors. As highly-skilled legal professionals, LegalZoom can also help with bylaws, legal resolutions, and compliance documents.

Intellectual Property

LegalZoom can help your business register, and monitor trademarks, apply for a patent, or get copyright protection.

Business Advisory Plan

The business advisory plan through LegalZoom includes 30-minute attorney consults, contract and legal document reviews, and an annual business evaluation. This service is great for ongoing legal needs, advice, and legal support. Subscribers also get access to the full legal library, and discounts on other LegalZoom offerings.


The pricing for LegalZoom services varies depending on the service. Business formation services start at $79+ state filing fees for LLCs and increase to $149+ state filing fees for corporations and partnerships. Trademark registration starts at $249+ federal filing fees. The Business Advisory Plan is $375 annually. Additionally, to find prices on specific legal services, simply check the pricing details on the LegalZoom website.

LegalZoom Best Alternatives

Rocket Lawyer

If your business needs occasional legal services, Rocket Lawyer is here to help. Rocket Lawyer is the closest direct competitor to LegalZoom, with similar offerings. However, some services are cheaper, like business formation for all except LLCs, as they charge a flat $99.99+ state filing fees for all entity types. The Rocket Lawyer subscription is available on a month-to-month basis for $39.99 and includes unlimited phone consultations with an attorney, one business incorporation setup, and access to the legal library. However, you should be aware that Rocket Lawyer services do not include tax advice, document reviews,, or copyright registration.


If you just need legal assistance for business formation, IncFile may be the way to go. After all, this service focuses solely on business formation and filing. Additionally, IncFile is budget-friendly, with their entry-level formation plan only requiring the government filing fees for any entity type.


The UpCounsel legal service aims to match businesses with an experienced business lawyer. Therefore businesses can get expert advice directly suited to their legal needs. However, this does come at a price, attorneys on UpCounsel charge per hour, starting at $125. Some services may have fixed fees, however, pricing will vary depending on the attorney you are using. But, with the higher price, your business has access to some of the best attorneys around, with specialists in patents, security, immigration, contracts, and more.

By using LegalZoom or the best alternatives, legal services are no longer a struggle for small businesses. Instead, you can utilize the digital legal solutions above to help your business deal with any legal issues you encounter.

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