Pets in the Metaverse

Last Updated:
February 17, 2022
Brian Wallace

Replacing the comprehensive term ‘cyberspace’, metaverse, which also describes the intersection of technology with human interaction, is the up-and-coming buzzword. The term metaverse encapsulates holograms, video games, AR and VR, motion-tracking tools, smartphone games, holograms, cryptocurrency, and NFTs among other technological innovations. Currently, the metaverse as a whole is valued in the billions, and it’s projected to continue growing exponentially.


Over the past 24 months, the metaverse has been growing in forms of connection and humanity. A large product of the global Coronavirus pandemic, apps like Zoom, social gaming, and holograms connect us with others, keep us celebrating wins of all sizes, and present us with faces and voices during times of isolation. Using cryptocurrencies is the pathway into this world.


Now, a new form of connection has entered the metaverse, bringing us more humanity and love and light with it. Pets have joined the metaverse, and they exist in two predominant forms. Metapets are avatar versions of real pets and can be used to supervise chipped pets remotely via 3 dimensional and holographic imaging technologies. The second type is metaverse pets, which are invented animal avatars that give users the thrills of pet ownership without its tangible responsibilities. Metaverse pets have been accessed through platforms MetaPets, Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, and MetaGochi among a growing list of others. Both Metapets and Metaverse pets offer owners unprecedented ways of interacting with both real and imagined furry friends.

Find more connection, more companionship, and discover more innovation by joining the welcoming pets to the metaverse and finding the love of pet ownership in turn.

Pets and the Metaverse Infographic

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