Profitable Small Businesses You Can Start as a Developer

Last Updated:
January 23, 2024

Profitable Small Businesses You Can Start as a Developer

A degree in web development offers many job opportunities, however, some people would rather work for themselves. Are you a web developer looking to earn some extra income, or start a new business venture? This article looks at several profitable small businesses you can start using your skills as a developer.

Computer Repair

This is perhaps the most obvious choice for a profitable small business as a developer. By offering computer repair services to businesses, you can create a lucrative business. After all, a computer malfunction or network crash can cost businesses thousands of dollars. Thus, if you can prevent these disasters, your reputation will grow and so will your profits. Furthermore, you could offer phone repair and programming services. As an individual owning the business and handling the repairs, your costs are minimal.

Consider offering an emergency service, such as out-of-hours or same-day services for a higher fee. Most businesses are happy to pay for these services if you can get the computers and network back up and running quickly. Thus, having a good reputation helps to build your business faster.

Computer Training

Computers are a crucial tool for most businesses, however, not all staff understand how to use them properly. By offering comprehensive training courses, you can offer businesses customized lessons. In fact, most businesses spend around $1,000 USD per person, per year on staff computer training. Consider offering one-to-one sessions, online classes, and group sessions. You could even go a step further by creating a program for the business and training them on it. The added bonus is that as the web developer, you will also be the IT professional on call, making you more consistent income.

Computer Cleaning Services

Cleaning a computer is difficult, but it is important to maintain devices. This niche job requires knowledge of computers, programming, and attention to detail. Often people are reluctant to handle this themselves as they are worried about damaging the computer parts. Furthermore, typical cleaners won’t touch them as the liability is too high. Along with physical cleaning services, consider offering file clean-up and updates to your customers. This can help them ensure their computer is clean, with all parts working well, and that the storage is being utilized effectively.

3D Design and Printing

As a developer, being creative can help you to solve problems. 3D design and printing is no different, as you have to create the files from an idea. Practice building models and products in CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to get started. Once you are confident in your design skills, use your developer knowledge to create a printing plan. Then, you can either sell the files or the finished 3D items.

Battery Reconditioning

Optimizing batteries ensures products last longer. By offering battery restoration services you can tap into the eco-friendly movement of electric cars, rechargeable devices, and even mobile devices.

Upgrading Services

Utilize your development knowledge to upgrade and optimize computers. This service often includes replacing RAM, fitting new fans, adding new graphics cards, and more. Your expertise in computers and software can also come in handy for upgrading firmware, Windows and iOS updates, and fixing disk drive issues. Other simple offerings can include replacing screens, keyboards, and trackpads.

Once you’ve decided to become an entrepreneur and make money online, there are many options to choose from. In addition to the profitable small businesses above, as a developer, you could also start your own web development or software development company. The choice is yours!

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