The World of Glasses and Replacement Lenses

Last Updated:
July 8, 2022
Brian Wallace

When it comes to the world of prescription eyeglasses, the options only continue to grow more and more year after year. This is important in a world where more and more people require more than a regular pair of eyeglasses to function comfortably in this world.


The most common example of these options is in higher prescription and more diverse lenses, there’s bifocals, trifocals, and now progressive lenses. These all allow those who struggle to see up close and afar to correct their vision in one single pair of glasses. 


Also, high-index lenses are specifically made to be lighter lenses for those with strong prescriptions. On top of these prescription options, there are now tinted lenses. Although tinted lenses are thought to be purely aesthetic, they can actually serve some pretty important purposes.


For those who get a lot of headaches or strain from glasses, there’s a color for that, for those who struggle with lots or too little light, there’s a color for that. Colored tints allow glasses to be better suited to those with more specific issues. On top of this there’s always simple prescription sunglasses for those who specifically want to block out light.


Finally there are far more options for physically getting new glasses nowadays. An appealing alternative that’s growing in popularity is replacement lenses. Instead of buying a whole new set of frames and lenses, there’s now the option to opt for the same or an older set of frames being equipped with new prescription lenses.


Who knew this was a specialty on the ecommerce scene? After all, it is a cheaper option that simplifies the process a bit while still offering all of the other options stated above. Glasses have been a great tool for the visually impaired for years, and now they’re growing to be even more adapted to each glasses owner. Learn more about the world of replacement lenses in the visual deep dive below:

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory

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