Mastering Your Tax Calendar: Essential Dates for Startups

Last Updated:
May 23, 2023
Brian Wallace

Navigating the labyrinth of tax deadlines can seem overwhelming for startups.  Fortunately, our 2023 Tax Deadline Calendar offers a colorful solution to keeping your C-Corp, Partnership, or S-Corp on track.

 Tax Deadlines of Note

In January, remember to make all necessary payments to employees and contractors by the 31st.  This includes issuing forms such as the 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, 1099-K, and W-2 & W-3.  By February 1, according to, startups should opt out of federal and state returns extension, due to the $25,000 penalty for missed Form 5472 foreign investment information.


The spring months are significant, with multiple critical deadlines in March.  The Delaware Franchise Annual Report & Tax is due by March 1, calculated based on year-end shares and assets.  By the 15th of March, S-Corps and Partnerships must file extensions for 1065, 8805, 1120, and 1042s to avoid per-partner, per-month penalties.  For both C-Corps and S-Corps, elections must be filed within 75 days from the start of the tax year.


As summer approaches, Q2 estimated tax payments are due on June 15.  Companies with 10% or greater foreign ownership must file the BE-12 Foreign Investment Form by May 31.  Failure to do so can result in penalties between $2,500 to $10k, and even criminal charges.


Entering autumn, the tax calendar becomes increasingly important.  September 15 marks Q3 estimated tax payments, and the filing deadline for Partnership and S-Corp returns on a 6-month extension.  Lastly, October 16 marks the "drop-dead" date for extended returns for both C-Corps and single-owner LLCs.


In Conclusion

Having a well-organized tax calendar is essential for every startup.  Remember, the consequences of missing deadlines, from $25k penalties to damage to your brand, are far too costly.'s colorful and comprehensive tax deadlines calendar is a valuable tool to ensure smooth sailing through your tax obligations.

2023 Tax Deadlines for Startups - C-Corps, Partnerships and S-Corps

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