The 5 Best Small Business CRMs for 2022

Last Updated:
February 10, 2022

Best Small Business CRMs

To have a successful business in 2022 and beyond, having a strong CRM software base is key. CRM software, or customer relationship management software is crucial for any business. This software offers a centralized platform for managing sales, collaborating on marketing, and various other administrative tasks. Below are the best small business CRMs to consider in no particular order.

Zoho CRM

As many small business owners know, social media marketing can be extremely cost-effective. Zoho CRM offers small businesses a centralized platform to manage their social content. Users can easily monitor page activity, post engagement, and lead generation across multiple social media platforms. Zoho CRM also offers customization of the CRM interface. This allows businesses to customize the dashboard to meet the needs of their employees, and business.

Users can easily access sale and lead data for any client, and respond to queries in realtime. Zoho also offers detailed email statistics, allowing you to see how your email campaigns are working, and with who. Users can even set up an automatic workflow to ensure clients get the information they need as soon as possible. Zoho CRM offers a free plan with limited features and no customization, however, you are limited to 3 users on one account. The paid plans start at $14 USD per user, per month and include interface customization, email tools, and custom pipeline options.


This small business CRM option is reliable and functional for sales, communication, and lead tracking. The AI-powered bot can engage with website visitors, creating a conversation and helping to increase lead conversions. Users can then easily manage leads through automated messaging, emails, or notifications. The sales pipeline can be customized to fit the needs of your business to ensure the clients get the nurturing they need to become a sale.

The Freshsales interface is user-friendly with easily accessible visual data. As an added bonus, this CRM integrates seamlessly with all other programs in the Freshbooks library. This gives businesses the option to offer a full-service model, with modules for HR, Payments, customer service, IT troubleshooting, and more. This can improve your customer service while eliminating back and forth emails between departments. Freshsales offers a free plan with unlimited users, however, users can not access all communication features or any automation setup or website tracking on this plan. The cheapest paid plan starts at $15 USD per user, per month, however, this plan is still limited for communication options. To access all automation and communication features, pricing starts at $39 per user, per month.

CRM tools

HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM is a great option for growing small businesses. It provides all the necessary features a business needs from communication to managing service tickets. Users can easily contact leads, and book appointments through the platform. All users can easily see up-to-date sales and pipeline information on the visually appealing dashboard. Additionally, team leaders can easily track their sales team to see how they are progressing.

Users can live chat with potential and current clients, thus increasing communication and customer satisfaction. If the client wishes, the user can also book a scheduled call or live chat quickly and easily. With the ability to hold client data on up to one million people, you also don’t have to worry about your lead list becoming too big. Simply segment them to ensure you market to them in a relevant way, based on previous interactions and purchases. HubSpot CRM has a free plan, with unlimited users and access to all tools. However, if you are looking for more customization and advanced versions of the features above, the paid plans start at $40 USD and are easy to scale as your business grows.


For businesses dealing in direct sales, Pipedrive may be the CRM option for you. The features offered in the CRM program are all beneficial for direct sales teams. The smart contact data collector features provide users with insight on leads using data found online. Users can use this data to better understand potential clients and help with lead conversion. Pipedrive offers an appointment scheduling tool, allowing users to book appointments with clients on a live chat, which then instantly appear on their calendar.

The AI sales assistant can give the sales representative tips to improve conversions, based on past customer behavior like conversations or purchases. This helpful AI feature can help your sales team improve their sales numbers and customer satisfaction. Finally, users can access document management tools within the CRM. This allows them to send quotes, proposals, contracts, and other documents quickly and easily. Pricing starts at $12.50 USD per user, per month, with no cap on users. Businesses can opt for add ons relating to lead generation and web tracking as well.

Salesforce Essentials

The Salesforce Essentials CRM is suitable for small sales teams, in and out of the office. Salesforce Essentials offers a wide variety of robust tools, including AI capabilities, email marketing, and report customization. However, the best feature of this CRM is the mobile application. In fact, users can access all of the functions within the CRM from their mobile devices. This allows sales team members to access reports, marketing documents, and lead information on the go. The app also allows team members to easily communicate within the interface.

Salesforce Essentials also offers automated syncing with your email and Dropbox. This feature saves users from having to manually transfer client data between files and also helps with saving reports and documents securely. Sales team members can also instantly reply to client queries by email, phone call, direct messaging or social media all through the mobile or web application. This can decrease the reply time and increase customer satisfaction. Pricing starts at $25 USD per user, per month and there are various add ons available, to further customize the CRM. However, businesses should note that there is a maximum of 10 users per account.

Using one of the small business CRMs above can help your business communicate with clients better while increasing conversions. Many of the above options also have automation options, allowing your sales team to focus on closing the sale as potential clients move through the pipeline or sales funnel.

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