The Best ChatGPT Prompts for Digital Marketing

Last Updated:
May 23, 2023

The Best ChatGPT Prompts for Digital Marketing

ChatGPT has many applicable uses for digital marketers, from creating marketing plans to helping create content. However, it is important to know the best ChatGPT prompts to use for digital marketing. Otherwise, the information ChatGPT provides may not be what you are looking for, or helpful to your marketing needs.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI tool that uses Natural Language Generation. This allows the tool to offer human-like answers about a variety of topics. However, while the tool is great at creating alternative titles or answering questions, getting useful copy or content can be more difficult. This is where knowing how to prompt ChatGPT is so important.

Are Marketers Using ChatGPT?

A recent LinkedIn survey found that more than 75% of marketers are looking to use ChatGPT to assist with marketing. However, only 40% are currently doing so. Many say this is due to the difficulty of knowing where to start, which is where this guide will be helpful, especially for prompt engineering.

There is currently concern that ChatGPT could replace marketers in the future, however, this is highly unlikely as it works best as a collaboration tool. The tool itself is brilliant for improving productivity and offering new creative input, which definitely benefits marketers. Prompt engineering is a skill marketers need to learn to get the best results from the platform.

After all, the more specific you can be in requesting content, the better the content is likely to be.

Creating the Best ChatGPT Prompts for Digital Marketing

When using ChatGPT to create copy or content, remember it should be viewed as a collaboration. Make sure to double-check the information the platform gives, and make sure the tone is right for the brand you are promoting. Below are the steps you should follow to create the best prompts for your needs.

1. Set the context

Whenever you start a new conversion with ChatGPT you must set the context. Make sure to explain what you are looking for, the product, and what the use is. For example, ‘email marketing copy to advertise commercial cleaning services to send to prospective customers’.

2. Define the task and goal

Tell ChatGPT what exactly it is that you want. This could be a subject line, a call to action, or an informative paragraph. For example, ‘Provide 3 email subject lines to advertise commercial cleaning services for prospective customers’.

3. Define the role or tone

This is where you improve the quality of the prompt by asking ChatGPT to play a certain role or use a certain tone. This could be using a friendly, conversational tone or acting as a marketing copywriter. For example, ‘Provide 3 friendly email subject lines to advertise commercial cleaning services for prospective customers’.

4. Ask follow-up questions

Often the first answers you get from ChatGPT using the tips above will still be quite generic. Thus, it is important to ask ChatGPT to refine its answer using specific situations. This could be targeting Gen Z, people who currently use a different provider, or even people with a specific issue. This is especially helpful for helping to target different audience segments.

5. Ask for alternatives

Once you have the original answers make sure to ask for some alternatives, this will give you more creative options.

6. Specify any requirements

Different advertising platforms have different rules and requirements. Luckily ChatGPT can help you create content that fits within these restrictions. Consider specifying the character limit for Twitter, Google Ads, or a Meta Description for even better results.

As a marketer, using ChatGPT can be a useful tool, however, it is not going to do all the work for you. However, as you get used to creating the best ChatGPT prompts for digital marketing and your clients, it can improve your productivity. Take the time to create the best prompts for your client's needs and see what ChatGPT offers.

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