The Best TikTok Tricks you need to know for 2023

Last Updated:
February 2, 2023

The Best TikTok Tricks you need to know for 2023

It’s clear that TikTok is a social platform that is here to stay. In fact, the app has now surpassed over 1.65 billion downloads and has almost 690 million active users. However, many marketers are still unsure about how to approach using the app. Below are some of the best TikTok tricks you can use to boost your business presence on the app.

1. Make a Slideshow

Showcase multiple images as a video, using a slideshow with music. The changing images grab the attention of users, and the music you select can help your business stay on trend. Here’s how to make your own slideshow;

  1. Tap the + on the homepage to create a new video
  2. Click the Upload option in the bottom right
  3. Select all the videos you’d like to include (in order)
  4. Click Effects to adjust the transitions and timing for each image
  5. Add any sounds, music, text, or stickers
  6. Watch it back and tap publish
  7. Using a slideshow is a great way to showcase products, especially products you offer in various colors or patterns.

2. Add Voice Effects

Adding voice effects to your videos can add interest, drama, or comedy. This can in turn transform your video from boring to trending. Luckily, TikTok has a range of voice effects that are easy to add to your videos, here’s how.

  1. Tap + to create a new video
  2. Press record and create your video and tap the checkmark to move to the editing screen
  3. Scroll through the effect options on the right-hand side, and choose Voice Effects
  4. Simply scroll through and try the different voice effects until you find the perfect one
  5. Add stickers, transitions, or other details.
  6. Watch the video back and tap publish.

These voice effects add a fun detail to your videos and can help you gain the attention of more users.

3. Use a Greenscreen Filter

Greenscreens are a popular tool for those familiar with video shoots. With TikTok, you don’t need to own a greenscreen, instead, you can use the greenscreen editing tool. This allows you to transform your video, or combine multiple videos with ease.

  1. Tap + to record a new video
  2. Tap Effects in the bottom left-hand corner, and scroll to the Editing section to find the filter
    • To use a photo as a background select the green icon with photo and downward arrow
    • To use a video as a background, select the green icon with a play button and upward arrow.
  3. Add the image or video you would like, then record your video overtop.
  4. Continue to add new backgrounds and clips as you like by repeating the process.
  5. Tap the checkmark to move to the standard editing screen
  6. Apply any voice effects, stickers, text, or music
  7. Watch the video back and tap to publish

Using the greenscreen effect is fun, you can even “clone” yourself. Simply record a video, then use the greenscreen effect to interact with yourself. Note, that the AI for the greenscreen filter only recognizes people, so you can not use it for product promotion without people.

4. Add Closed Captions

For a business, being accessible to all potential customers is crucial. Thus, using closed captions on social media videos is a good idea. After all, people may be watching with the sound off or have hearing impairments. By using captions, everyone can follow along.

  1. Tap + to record your video, or upload a pre-filmed video and tap the checkmark
  2. Select the Caption option from the effects bar on the right-hand side
  3. Customize the color, font, and alignment of your captions. You can also edit the captions if the AI has made a mistake.
  4. Drag the captions to where you want them to appear
  5. Add any other effects you would like
  6. Watch the video back and tap publish

Adding closed captions allows you to add additional information on the screen to benefit viewers, and ensures your videos are always watchable.

5. Duet with Others

One of the most popular features of TikTok is the ability to share videos and your own video side-by-side. This feature is Duet, and is a fun way to react to trends.

  1. When you find a TikTok you to Duet, tap the share button on the right-hand side. Note, it will only show if the original user allows sharing)
  2. Tap the Duet option to head to the editing screen
  3. Record yourself reacting, dancing, or responding alongside the original video.
  4. Watch the video back and tap publish.

Duet videos will show a split screen with the original video on one side, and your video on the other. This is a great way to collaborate with others and join in on trending dances or Q&A sessions.

Producing TikTok content can be fun and easy, once you know how. Use the best TikTok tricks above to start creating impressive videos to represent your brand. Be sure to monitor engagement on your videos, and make changes as necessary to boost your reach.

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