The Dos and Don’ts of Small Business Waste Disposal

Last Updated:
May 1, 2024
Kaylinn Ginger

The Dos and Don’ts of Small Business Waste Disposal

When you start a small business, the little things can become big problems if neglected. Waste disposal is one such thing. At home, you may already have an arrangement with your town or city for weekly trash pickup. However, businesses operate on different principles, especially if the waste they generate requires special handling. Here are some of the dos and don’ts of small business waste disposal. Keep them in mind and figure out the best way to have your garbage hauled away.

Don’t Pick Just Any Waste Collection Company

Long before your first day of business, line up a waste disposal company. All small businesses require waste management services. Do some investigation, asking other local merchants and business owners who they work with for waste disposal. Also, keep the sort of waste you produce in mind. If you produce hazardous waste of any kind, a general trash disposal company may not have the personnel, equipment, and resources to collect, transport, and dispose of it.

You must also consider pricing, scheduling, recycling options, and other necessary services when choosing a waste disposal company. Don’t wait to hire a company! Trash piles up quickly, even before you open your doors!

Don’t Be Sloppy With Your Trash

When you do hire a waste management company, they should let you know what they can and can’t haul away and how you should organize trash for pickup. Organize trash into solid and liquid waste that will go to a landfill. You can also separate recyclable materials and compostable items. Never let the different types of trash intermingle, or your collector may be unable to take them. Also, you can face big fines if you toss the wrong kind of trash in the “general” pile. Finally, be sure that everyone who works for you is aware of the difference in trash types.

Do Count Your Pennies

Waste disposal costs can pile up faster than the trash you create. Before signing the contract, talk to your waste disposal company about discounts for bulk pickup or if you sign up and pay for a longer period of service in advance. Keep accurate records of how much you’re spending on waste disposal, as well. This will aid in creating future budgets and keeping records, showing you places where you can cut costs or call the company on issues with their services.

Do Reuse and Recycle

Want to save money on waste disposal? Cut back on waste! Review whether your business is creating too much trash through wasting raw materials or throwing away and replacing equipment rather than repairing it. You could even find ways to sell your waste for recycling and repurposing. Educate employees about saving materials and rethinking refuse. Going green is smart business these days!

Implement these dos and don’ts of small business waste disposal today to save big tomorrow!

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