The Importance Of Backup & Disaster Recovery For Remote Workers

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January 22, 2023
Kay Nicole

The Importance Of Backup & Disaster Recovery For Remote Workers

Now that remote work has broken into the mainstream, it’s clear that it can be a powerful selling point for employers. Offering the ability to work from home or anywhere else can be an attractive perk for the talent they need to overtake their competitors. However, it also represents a significant challenge for an organization’s IT department due to the risks it introduces. Keeping data secure and safe becomes more difficult with the more locations you add to the mix because companies lose a degree of control over how their devices and networks are utilized.

This is why it’s critical to develop a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan. This involves making sure both sides of the equation understand and discharge their responsibilities. For the employer, these include providing remote employees with backup power sources for their devices in the event of a power outage and backing up data to multiple locations every few minutes for maximum coverage. On the employees’ side, they must use robust passwords, restrict use of company devices to work-related activities and prepare an emergency kit in case they need to find another place to work at a moment’s notice.

Research has found that roughly 20% of businesses have no specific BDR plan. This puts them at severely increased risk of suffering major damages in the event of a disaster or data breach. Given how catastrophic the consequences can be, developing a clear-cut BDR strategy for your company and its remote workforce should be one of your highest priorities. To learn more about what this entails, take a look at the accompanying resource.

Infographic created by MXOtech, a network management solutions provider

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