The Role of Accounting in Business and Why It's Important

Last Updated:
May 16, 2023

The Role of Accounting in Business and Why It's Important

Accounting is important for every business as it creates a systematic record, analysis, and interpretation of the business’s financial situation. The role of accounting in business can be done by a single person within the business or outsourced to an accounting service provider. However, many business owners are not aware of the importance of keeping clear records and using accounting accurately from day one. Below are some of the important benefits accounting offers businesses.

Proper Business Records

Accounting service providers specialize in creating and maintaining records of every financial transaction for your business. These records get compiled systematically throughout the year to ensure a complete overview at tax time. All of these documents are filed appropriately so business owners can find any document when they need it.

Preparation of Financial Statements

Every business must have accurate trading, balance sheets, and profit & loss statements. These documents are crucial for checking the financial health of a business. Therefore, it is imperative that a business records this information correctly. Often, this is where the role of accounting in business first comes into play.  Ensure that your in-house accountant can prepare these financial statements, or consider hiring an accounting service provider.

Aids in Decision-Making

When you have a systematic record of all financial transactions for your business, making decisions becomes much easier. Furthermore, business owners and managers can more accurately plan and allocate funds to certain projects or areas of the business. Additionally, these records and tracking sheets can allow you to grow your business faster, as you can more accurately predict market trends and profits.

Handles Taxes

As a business you must ensure that you pay your taxes correctly and on time. This is another area where the role of accounting is crucial in your business. Using the financial records from the entire year, your in-house or outsourced accountant can accurately calculate how much tax your business owes each year. They will then ensure that you get access to any tax breaks available and let you know the final amount of tax to pay by the deadline. Taxation can get complicated very quickly, so it is important that you have a professional handling the calculations.

Creates Stakeholder Information Accessible

Often a business will share select financial information with business stakeholders such as employees, creditors, the government, and potentially their customers. However, not everyone will have access to specific financial details. The role of accounting specialists is to create customized reports for each stakeholder access level so the business owner can share them appropriately.

Determines the Value of the Business

Business accounting is crucial when determining the accurate value of a business. This involves complex calculations and is especially important if the business owner is looking to sell. The financial statements from previous years are also very important in this situation as they show how the business is growing and performing.

Can Provide Evidence for Legal Battles

A professional accountant can gather and provide financial evidence for use in court if there are any legal issues. As your business grows larger, it is important to boost account procedures to ensure flawless, detailed records just in case.

The role of accounting in business is extremely important, whether you are an entrepreneur or the owner of a large business. Therefore, this is one area of business you should focus attention on to ensure your business’s financial reputation is intact. Either form an in-house accounting department with specialized employees or consider outsourcing your accounting needs to a service provider.

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