The Top Commercial Modern Office Desk Trends

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June 15, 2023
Kay Nicole

The Top Commercial Modern Office Desk Trends

While many employees are still working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those who work in the office are looking for ways to make the space feel more like home and looking into the best commercial modern office desk trends. This includes incorporating hybrid workspaces, flexible seating, and modern meeting rooms.

Keeping up with the latest office furniture trends is a great way to ensure your team stays productive and happy.

Sit/Stand Desks

Sit/stand desks have come into widespread use in the wake of research that associates issues like obesity and heart disease with office workers spending all day sitting. The idea behind the adjustable sit/stand modern commercial office desk is that users can vary their posture throughout the day by lowering the desk surface for seated work and then raising it for a standing position.

Proper ergonomic setup is key to success when using a sit-stand desk. Users should take normal posture and movement breaks throughout the day and not remain standing for more than an hour.

Our selection of sit-to-stand desks includes a variety of models, each with a different price, width and color. Suppose you want to use the surface of your desk for heavy items or multiple monitors. It has a 60" wide surface and comes in four colors.

Smart Workspaces

Smart workplace solutions will help you manage the hybrid work practices of 2021. This is a great way to ensure your employees remain safe and productive during the pandemic by enabling them to alternate working at the office with working from home, all while maintaining the appropriate level of social distancing needed to comply with COVID-19 requirements.

Millennials and today's workforce are driving behind the need for flexible workspaces that offer more collaboration and creativity. They also influence office design trends to include meeting spaces without assigned seating, which can be set up in an open area or a booth-style environment.

These spaces will have moveable furniture, like tables with rolling chairs or retractable dividers, to encourage impromptu collaboration. This is a way to help employees transition between group meetings and individual deep work more quickly. To support this, a smart workspace will have real-time information that allows employees to monitor conference room availability, which can save time and reduce frustration when scheduling meetings. It can also help optimize space utilization by assisting people in locating unused rooms or repurposing them for other purposes.

Hybrid Workspaces

Workplace transformation can be long, especially when it involves changing how a company does business. Every workplace strategy is different. Looking at what other companies have done can be helpful, but finding the right blend of hybrid workspaces that fit your people and business needs is crucial.

For example, a mostly remote hybrid model could be ideal for teams who are comfortable working from home but would benefit from the ability to meet in the office for collaboration and other activities. This allows for more diversity in the workforce, including stay-at-home mothers and those with family responsibilities that prevent them from working outside the home.

Additionally, a mostly remote hybrid model can help a company reduce its overall space requirements by allowing employees to choose whether or not they come into the office on certain days. This will also help them save money on electricity and other costs. The flexibility of a hybrid workspace can also reduce turnover rates and keep employees happy.

Mixing Classic and Contemporary

Modern office furniture trends are focused on ergonomics and productivity. But comfort and style are also important factors when remodeling a workspace. For instance, reclining leather desk chairs that recline 180 degrees are a sleek and comfortable design element.

Similarly, contemporary wood and metal office tables that pair traditional elements with modern materials are inspiring. For example, a height-adjustable media table combines wood and metal for an industrial aesthetic while featuring a variety of top and base combinations that make it versatile for huddle spaces, conference rooms, or lounge areas.

Whether your team works at home during Covid-19 or you're trying to boost morale by encouraging work-life balance, these workplace trends will help to keep you and your staff productive and happy. And, most importantly, safe.

Glass Walls and Doors

Modern office furniture trends are designed to ease work life and boost productivity at the same time. Adding lounges filled with sunlight and spread out enough for safety, or even getting indoor plants, are simple yet effective ways to keep your office up to date with the latest trends.

Another trend that is more of a necessity than a design trend is the focus on the wellness of your employees. The coronavirus pandemic brought this to the forefront, influencing office designs from social distancing to implementing new protocols, adding shields, providing hand washing stations, and more.

Many office furniture manufacturers are designing multipurpose, flexible pieces that can be used in various places and for different purposes such as the commercial modern office desk. For instance, Nucraft's Two4Six height-adjustable media table has multiple top and base combinations, making it ideal for small huddle spaces or as a 20-foot conference table.

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