Top Apps for Managing Remote Teams

Last Updated:
March 28, 2023

Top Apps for Managing Remote Teams

Managing a remote team of workers requires communication, collaboration, and handling cultural challenges. As a leader, you are responsible for making sure your remote workers align with company culture, systems, and strategies. However, with many workers operating in different time zones, keeping everyone in the loop and on schedule can be a challenge. Below are some of the top apps to use for managing remote teams for any business.


This app is a favorite among many businesses for project management. Not only does Asana allow you to organize and assign projects and tasks, but it also allows you to see progress on tickets while providing a central hub for all workflow activities. Within the app, managers can assign tickets or tasks to individuals, attach documents, share notes and comments, and finally, add due dates. Remote workers can comment on tickets, and add dependencies to show additional work needed. Communication is easy within Asana, and each worker can set notification alerts to suit their working style.


This employee management app includes a time clock, scheduling tool, chat function, survey tool, and many other features. Connecteam is a highly effective tool that empowers managers to share workflows, assign tasks, track progress, and engage with remote workers. The app is user-friendly and makes tracking employees' hours simple no matter the time zone.


The Miro app is a great tool for conference calls and brainstorming sessions. Miro mimics a whiteboard, allowing teams to build and develop ideas as if they were meeting in person. The app syncs in real time and the inbuilt communication tools create a seamless meeting experience. This is perfect for managers looking to plan projects in a more creative way that allows remote team members to actively participate.


If your business provides an expense budget for remote employees Soldo is a must-have app. With Soldo, managers can easily track, control, and report spending on employee expenses. Furthermore, you can provide remote workers with a prepaid company card, and give them access to upload receipts directly to the app. This allows managers to get insight into costs and where funds are primarily being spent.


With any digital job, security is always a concern. With 1Password, it is easy to protect customer and business data by securing user accounts. The password management tool can store strong passwords and managers can set up specific access for those that need the passwords. This allows remote teams to safely and securely share login details, passwords, card details, and more.


Looking to build business culture while promoting communication? Slack is the app for you. Any remote worker can be added to a Slack channel, where they can post messages, share documents and send private messages. Businesses can create separate channels for departments, projects, general communication, and more. This allows remote workers to better connect with each other both on projects and in a social way.

This app is primarily helpful for those that have remote workers in various time zones. allows you to input your remote worker's locations and then shows the time for each employee. This is especially helpful when organizing meetings, or following up on urgent projects. Better yet, it saves time as you no longer need to search for different time zones.


This appointment scheduling tool is both GDPR and HIPAA-compliant and designed to help remote businesses. Managers can easily set up an online booking calendar and make appointments through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. All meetings are confidential making 10to8 suitable for any business needs.

When you have the right tools, managing remote teams can be a breeze. Consider the top apps above and select the necessary ones to help manage your remote employees effectively.

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